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We invoke Obatalá with 2 powerful prayers to ask for "peace and protection"

Prayers to Obatala

Obatala He is a father, he is an orisha, he is the creator and protector of men, on the earthly plane he protects with his silver mantle, he is patience, peace and tranquility, he is silence on the top of the mountain.aña, the wisdom of an old man, memory, justice and everything neat.

He is the father of all children on earth, the creator of human beings and everything that habita in the planet.

As a creator, he is the ruler of all parts of the human body, mainly the head, thoughts and human life.

What does Obatala represent in the Yoruba Religion?

Obatala tools

Obatalá is the representation of Olofin on earth, one of his messengers who descended to Earth, it is said that he was an Irunmole. He is the father of a great number of saints, the one who helped create the Earth and everything on it.abita.

Father Orisha Obbatalá he is known as the owner of whiteness or in which white essentially participates as a symbol of peace and purity. That is why Obatalá is the owner of white metals, especially silver.

It represents the creation that is not necessarily immaculate; the magnanimous and superior, also pride, anger, despotism and people with physical and mental defects or difficulties.

It is believed that, as the father of the world, Obbatalá can resolve conflicts and intercede with other Orishas. He embraces all his children with patience and love and brings intelligence, peace and calm to the world.

He is the one who intercedes before any Osha or Orisha for any individual before a difficulty that he has, because he considers himself the father of the human race and owner of all heads.

Obbatalá in nature is symbolized by the mountainsañas.

Its name comes from the Yoruba Obbàtalá (king of purity). This Orisha likes everything clean, white and pure.

He does not admit that they undress in his presence and neither does lack of respect, which is why his children must be very respectful.

When it cannot be defined and it is not known which is the Guardian Angel of an individual, Obbatalá is the Osha that is consecrated to him.

Prayers to Father Orisha Obatalá to ask for his blessings:

Prayers to the Orisha Obatala
In the prayer to Obatalá we can offer him candles and white flowers as an offering

Obbatalá is seen as a patient and attentive father, so many devotees come to him in times of need.

As the main creator of the human being, he is considered an ideal saint to turn to when solving difficulties in life.

In the Yoruba religion, one of the main tasks of Obbatalá is to help all his children to travel the path of life, so that they can overcome all obstacles that arise and reach their destination happily, from spiritual growth and humility.

Obatalá is considered a good father and is seen as a provider of calm, peace and tranquility.

For this reason, many pray to him asking for a calm and safe life, achieving that spiritual serenity that we need so much.

How to ask and pray to Obbatalá?

We pray to Obbatalá that he never abandons us and helps us overcome the difficulties that life poses for us.

We must also show him that we are worthy of his advice and if we do wrong, that we repent and want to improve in life with a respectful attitude. Only in this way will it guide and guide us.

To pray to Obbatalá, we must:

  • Find a secluded place, we can even visit the mountainaña, which is his temple,
  • Pray to him in silence, speaking like a son to his father, confiding to him our fears and joys and asking for his support and advice for our future decisions.
  • We must pray to Father Orisha from the heart and with great faith in his power and guidance.
  • We pray to him from spiritual tranquility and before a lit white candle, so that he drives away all evil from our lives and helps us gain peace and calm.

Prayer to Obatala to open the roads, and bring us prosperity and peace:

  • Thus we pray to Father Orisha to grant us calm and tranquility in life, to give us abundance, open paths and his holy protection:

Great Father Orisha, creator of human beings and of everything that hasabita on the planet, you who govern life and thoughts,

Owner of whiteness, Obbatalá, ancient guide in the midst of storms and the challenges of destiny,

You who are patience and calm, support and love, power and purity,

My Father, help your devoted son to carry on until I complete my destiny.

I ask you, that you can solve conflicts and intercede for the good of humanity

That you embrace me with your immense patience and bring peace, calm and tranquility to my house, for me and mine

Only with your help can I be worthy of calmly reaching the end of my path, having fulfilled what, for me, was outlined

O my father, Great Obatala, take care of my life and guide me through the dark recesses of existence itself.

Always be my guide and my protector, and allow me to achieve spiritual peace and calm

Grant me peace of mind with your pure white light

That only you know how to give me

I trust that you will always protect your devoted son,

And I for my part will do everything to honor you, My Father, and to deserve all your blessings.

So be it

Asking for protection and help from Baba Obatala:

Obbatalá is also asked for his protection in the face of adversity and the evils that may threaten us because he will always be able to intercede and keep darkness from our path.

  • This is the prayer we dedicate to Obbatalá asking for his protection:

Owner of purity, protector of all your children,

To you Obbatalá, I entrust myself asking for your advice, your wisdom and your protection

I ask you, Father of the World and of all the children of the Earth, that you never let go of my hand while I travel the paths of life

You who always intercede on behalf of your children, and who grant peace and calm, love and fortune

Give this, your faithful son, your wisdom and your advice to overcome any obstacle

Help me to understand what I cannot and to understand the meaning of justice and good work

Obbatalá, patient and attentive father, I come to you to ask for your guidance and consolation in the face of the difficulties that life imposes on me

I ask you, my Father, that you never abandon me, and that you surround me with your pure mantle of blessings

Protect me and guide me, Obbatalá

So that security reigns in my life and I can perform all the tasks that I propose as your devoted son

Keep all evil away from me and my family and always light my way

Thank you, my Father Obbatalá, for always being with me

So be it

Learn about some of the offerings and rituals on behalf of Obatala:

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