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Prayers to Obba for marital fidelity and to strengthen love between couples

Prayers to Obba

Obba She is the ideal wife and the strong and capable woman. She is a powerful Orisha in her sacrifice, a woman who knows what she wants and defends it.

It is the Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon that represents repressed love and suffering and symbolizes conjugal fidelity.

Her name comes from the Yorùbá Òbbá (Òbè: soup – Obá: king), literally "The one with the king's soup", and is due to a Yoruba legend that tells that she cut off an ear and fed it to him. to the great Shango, King of Thunder, who, disappointed by the loss of his wife's beauty, banished her from his side.

Obba was so ashamed that he sought refuge in the solitude of the mountain and later in the cemetery. There he cries for betrayal and hides from the world.

Obba Naní is greeted! And because of his closeness to the Yoruba Goddess of Love and Rivers, Oshún, Obba also wears five gold bracelets.

The Yoruba goddess of sacrifice, Obba, was syncretized with three Catholic saints:

  • Saint Rita of Cassia,
  • Saint Catherine of Siena and
  • Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

Her cults represent sacrifice, loneliness and love in their purest definition, but they also reflect their abilities as strong and determined warriors, powerful women with immense faith.

What do we ask of these Prayers to the Yoruba Goddess of Sacrifice?

To Obba, we pray for love and for the fidelity of our partner, but also to grant us the strength to make the necessary sacrifices for those we love and thus find our destiny.

We ask her for her consolation in the face of deception and her mediation for marital happiness and a united family.

To the goddess Obba, we pray for love and therefore we ask her for strength and courage not to abandon our dreams and desires.

She, fundamentally protector of strong and determined women, will help us to get ahead and avoid obstacles.

We also pray to Obba that he will grant us a happy marriage and a married life full of love and trust.

So we pray with this prayer to Obba for Fidelity and Love

To invoke Obba with these prayers, you can offer him flowers, offerings or offer him the light of a white or pink candle, and with great faith and heart, always asking for the good we make our request.

She will help us open the paths of love.

Obba, My Mother, you are queen of hearts and feelings

You who sacrificed yourself for the loved one, and who understand the immensity of love and sadness

Obba, faithful wife and powerful warrior, you who courageously defend those you love

What do you know about the true sacrifice that is made to be happy

I ask you my mother, to help your faithful and devoted daughter / or in this new stage, so that happiness takes over my life and my home

May no one ever separate my beloved from me and no danger can maker cry to my family

Protect me and Bless me, Great Obba

And remove difficulties, fights and troubles from my marriage, and fill it instead, with joy and abundance

Obba, take care of my family and guide me on the path of happiness

Give me strength to protect mine and overcome any barrier, so that I always walk with you.añatake the road of life

Don't forsake me, my mother

Enlighten your daughter / or with your powerful confidence

Thank you, Obba, for always being by my side, giving me strength and courage to face life

So be it Mighty Queen Obba

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