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Prayers and offerings to Ochosi, the Orisha who does justice with a bow and arrow

Prayers to Ochosi

Oshosi is an Orisha Of great character, he lives next to Oggún and when he faces a war he does not go to the battlefield without the company of his brothers the warrior Orishas.

This saint has the peculiarity of inhabiting the mountain, he is accompanied by a bow and an arrow, which are his main working instruments, although he also carries a machete and handcuffs.

What is offered to Oshosi?

  • The anise liqueur is his favorite drink, when the saint goes to war he is soaked in this elixir and his strength is multiplied.

Oshosi is the holy ruler of the presidios and judicial stations, therefore when a religious presents problems with justice, they work directly with the holy hunter.

  • Oshosi is offered jars of deer or leather from any other hunted animal.

This deity is implacable, does not easily forgive wrongs and pours out all his fury on injustices.

Oshosi instills in his children:

  • The order,
  • discipline and
  • love of work.

Respect is of vital importance for this saint, as this is the basis of all relationships in the universe.

Prayer to Oshosi the great hunter for protection

Oshosi great hunter, victor of battles, protector of wooded lands, I come to your aid to cleanse my body.

Make those who wish me evil to repent and stay away from me, avoid evils that want to harm me.

With your bow and arrow, hunt good luck on my way and stop the enemies who want to harm me with your tools.

Do not allow great Orisha that my enemies bend me, make me your disciple, instill in me the strength I need to move forward.

Protect my family and always stay to my right.

Prayer to Oshosi the true Orisha, against all evil

I ask you, the great victor, to confuse my enemies and make them come to me like meek doves, so that I may forgive them and prostrate them before you, so that you can apply divine justice to them.

The deer and the lands were led by you to obedience, so I wish that you have my enemies well restrained so that they cannot harm me.

I ask you to keep my life and that of my family out of danger and that I may enjoy many years of life and health on earth.

I promise to be worthy of your love, may Oshosi's blessing never fail me.

We share some powerful rituals on behalf of Oshosi:

Prayers to Ochosi
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