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Prayers to Oddua ► To overcome obstacles and ask for calm for our life

Prayers to Oddua

Oduduwá or Oddua is a major Orisha that governs the secrets of the Eggun and Ikú, in the Yoruba religion it watches over the fine line that separates the spiritual world from the world of the living.

Its material representation is so powerful that it alludes to the formation of the world, of which the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms are part.

What powers does Oduduwá represent in the Yoruba Religion?

Oduduwá is a deity of many mysteries, lives in the deep darkness of the night and has only one phosphorescent eye. It is a spiritual mass of enormous power that has no shape or figure, so it uses spirits to manifest itself.

In relation to the human being, it was the first Obá that Itá made on earth. It is especially related to the fortune teller Orunmila, the path of Obatalá Obalofun and the goddess of love Oshún.

He was the first Oní (king) and founder of Ifé, from where life was born according to Yoruba theology. It is an Orisha who represents the powers of creation, the universe, and the energy of the birth of the world.

The meaning of its name comes from the Yoruba Odùdúwá and transmits its great power and energy:

  • "Lord of the other world or of our destiny"

Oduduwá represents the immense mysteries and secrets of death that no one has managed to decipher, since he created the world together with Obbatalá, with whom he always walks, as with Orunmila.

The consecration of this orisha is part of many secrets and traditions, currently creating much controversy.

The sons of Oddua are advised that they should not argue or raise their voices in front of him, as well as not do more than two things at the same time out of respect.

It is greeted and invoked by saying: Aremú Oduduwá, Jekuá!

In Yoruba mythology, Oduduwá is even established as a male Obatalá path, who lives in Iroko, La Ceiba, and is also the guide of all the Obatalás paths.

We pray to Oduduwá to ask him for calm and harmony for our life:

We ask the orisha for protection, to open the paths, to give us patience and good character, to help us move through life and make good decisions.

We also pray to Oduduwá that harmony, calm and tranquility reign in our home and in our lives.

We can ask him to favor our personal development and keep fights and discussions away from the environment, so that everything flows and the paths open, we dedicate these prayers to Oddua.

Prayer for Oduduwá:

Oduduwá, Lord of Darkness and wish-grantor

Counselor of humanity and creator of the world, you who guide men until they reach their final destination

You who face difficulties and remove the anguish and sadness of the lives of your children and devotees

Baba Oduduwá, protect and always bless humanity

Representative of the Creator and founder of Ifé, you who know the mysteries and secrets of death and drive away the shadow of danger and disease

Divine Oduduwá, you who are creator and doer of justice, help your child to achieve calm and tranquility

Help me, I ask you, to avoid difficulties and obstacles, and to overcome this bad streak that I am going through

Let harmony return to my home and reign forever in it, Baba Oduduwá

Take away the anguish and sadness and give me the strength to believe in a better future

My Father, listen to my prayers, and make happiness and fortune come to me

I promise to always walk through life as your proud son, and always work for the good of all

Thank you Baba Oduduwá, for bringing peace to the world and always blessing your children

So be it.

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