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5 prayers to Oyá for love and open paths How to invoke its power?

Prayers to Oyá

To the Queen of Lightning and Strong Winds, to the mother Oyá Yansa, we ask you to open our paths and bring winds of peace, prosperity and love into our lives.

We ask the warrior Orisha for her powerful protection to avoid dangers, diseases and misfortunes in our lives.

Oyá She is one of the most powerful orishas in the yoruba pantheon, one of the most venerated African deities in the Santeria or Rule of Osha.

In nature she is the Goddess of thunder, lightning, tornadoes, winds, storms and other natural manifestations of great energy.

It is, fundamentally, who is in charge of bringing rapid changes and good winds to our life, which is why it helps us with internal and external transformations.

Oyá she is warrior and protector, she is guardian of the kingdom situated between life and death.

She is not only the orisha of spiritual communication, funerals, and cemeteries, but also the Goddess of clairvoyance, psychic abilities, intuition, and rebirth.

She is also known as the protector and guardian of witches for her immense powers to guard the border between two worlds.

What is being asked of you? Pray to Mother Yansa to watch over us

A Oyá, the Wild Warrior, we fundamentally ask her for her protection, as she is capable of putting an end to all injustice, deceit and dishonesty that she finds on her way.

We must know that the goddess is capable of facing the worst obstacles as a warrior if necessary, for the safety of her protégés. However, you will only act and speak the truth.

We can invoke her in different spheres of life, because her support for her children and devotees is immense and she will always be ready to help us if we pray to her with faith and show her the honesty of our actions.

We dedicate various prayers to Oyá To ask for:

  • Protection. which can be from enemies or from atmospheric phenomena. We also ask you to do justice if we have been victims in any situation. She will help us by giving us the strength and courage to face adversity.
  • Care. Oyá she is a strong warrior, but also a passionate woman who gives all of herself for those she loves. That is why she can help us preserve love and recover it.
  • Get a job and money. Oyá It helps us when we need changes in our life. Therefore, it can allow us to find better job opportunities and ensure a good economic run for our family.
  • Make a request. Oyá We can also make specific requests and implore his favor in certain problems, so that he helps us with his immense strength and powers.
  • Open paths. The winds of Mother Yansa can guide us to better paths of peace, health, love and prosperity. As long as we go to it with sincere intentions.

Let us pray that the Queen of Centella brings us good winds How to invoke it?

We must not forget to pray to Oyá from the heart and with a lot of honesty and sense of justice.

Also, whenever we can, we offer you your favorite foods before raising your prayers.

By invoking her we can light a white candle or another color, and choose a quiet place to communicate our fears, hopes and joys.

She will listen to us, because she always goes to the call of her faithful devotees and with determination helps them to advance along the path until they find their destination.

5 miraculous prayers of Oyá yansa

Next, we propose 5 short prayers to beg Oyá Yansa, for our well-being.

1. Prayer to make a request to Mother Yansa

Oyá strong woman, warrior and power,

Queen of the wind and the Centella, today I come to implore you (make the request)

We come to ask you to send us good winds,

that you do not allow the sorrows and sorrows

the dislikes and weaknesses, muddy our lives.

May your rays shine on our homes,

over all the members of the family,

giving us joy, happiness and good cheer,

May your rays illuminate us and give light in the dark.

I say thank you Oyá, Ashe

2. Prayer to Oyá to keep love by our side

Orisha Oyá, of storms and lightning, It is stronger than the violence of hurricanes and the power of the sword!

Just as you have the strength to fight the storm, I ask you, dear Orisha, with prayers, bring the sun and guide my steps, make (person's name) come back to me and stay with me.

Make him call me, find me and love me. I can no longer bear so much despair and anguish in my life.

I know you can do it! Bring (loved one's name) close to me again!

Thanks, Oyá! hey hey Oyá!

3. Powerful prayer to the Queen of Centella to open paths

Me Oyá, Orisha, mother and lady of the winds and storms, of the afflicted hours and the lost souls!

Please open my paths, with your powers for work, love and family.

Powerful divinity of the divinities, by the designs of the fallen children without direction and without will.

Mother, lend me your decision and your courage, for the meeting of our being.

Encourage us, the lady of lightning, so that our minds follow a single direction, So be it

4. Prayer to Oyá for protection and defeat enemies

Oh! Glorious my warrior mother, mistress of storms and winds.

Protect me and my family from evil spirits.

So they don't have the strength to hinder my journey,

And do not take my light and my fire.

Help me that malicious people, falsehood, dishonesty, do not destroy my peace of mind.

Mother OyáCover me with your sacred mantle and take with the force of your winds, everything that does not serve far from my life.

So be it, and so be it always!

5. Prayer to Oyá Yansa to get a job and keep the money flowing

My mother, Oyá!

Please show me the truth, the way and the life!

Please open my eyes wider and show me the face of your enemies!

please, my mother, Oyá. Bring prosperity again!

Take more care of my family, and let me get a job.

Bring evil to the storm with its winds.

Do not let any action fall on my life or that of those who are dear to me.

thank you my mother Oyá!

Some of the beautiful offerings you can give to Oyá Yansa:

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