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Prayers to Yemayá in his day, prayers of love and faith to thank

Prayers to Yemayá

Melons, coconuts, pineapples and especially white and blue flowers cover the Bay of Havana every September 7 wanting to reach their destination, the house of the Yoruba goddess of the Seas who celebrates her day.

YemayaQueen of the Sea and mother of the world, she makes hundreds of devotees come to different parts of the bay or any little piece of the sea to entertain her and pay homage to her on her day.

The devotees are loaded with offerings of different types, from the simplest to the most sumptuous, but all with the same objective of showing gratitude to the patron saint of the sea and those who cross it.

And due to the Cuban syncretism that began centuries ago, when the African slaves, brought to the island by the Spanish colonizers, had to resort to Catholic images to identify their orishas, ​​many will also entertain Yemayá in the figure of the Virgin of Regla.

The Sanctuary located in the Havana town of the same name, the religious municipality of Regla, is also filled with faith and hope.

Talk to Yemayá from his temple: The sea

But on September 7 there are many devotees of Yemayá, especially the children of the Orisha, who come to her temple, the sea, abañaDive into the salty waters and there ask for the consolation of his protective mantle.

Dressed almost always in white or blue and loaded with white roses, they enter the sea and converse with the Orisha, murmuring to the waters and telling their joys and sorrows. There they leave the roses in the tranquility of the waves and pray for the blessings of Yemayá.

Prayers to Yemayá and the Virgin of Regla:

Let us dedicate prayers and prayers to Yemayá and the Virgin, powerful Goddesses of the sea, to thank so many blessings, for their protection and to take care of all evil.

You Virgin of Regla who looks at all my sorrows

that you listen to my regrets and give me sustenance.

You divine Goddess of the waves

that you trap me in them and tuck me in.

You beautiful Orisha Yemayá adored mother,

that I always look for you and find you,

because you are by my side in every movement.

You who by invoking your name appear instantly

as a fierce mother and defender of your children.

Your pious mother and lioness

that you don't waste time fighting with your kids.

You who are the Universe, Gloria and Mar.

You who are Treasure, Ocean and Sand.

You who are Snail, Reef and Marine Beauty.

We always ask for your great protection and blessing.

Prayer to Yemayá to thank her blessings

In order to speak with the goddess and give thanks we can pray the following prayer:

Extrañas clouds fragments of glory.

Visualizing bright stars from a story.

Commander among the goddesses of the waters.

With your laugh, the storm that you disarm.

With your kind word, you restore calm.

The east breeze brings you gentle life.

Goddess of the sea and living waters.

Your cheek kissed the beautiful moon; and with

majesty and stars filled your mind.

The waves carry beautiful roses

that the waters will hide.

Its aromas are the hope that makes you,

the Goddess of the Sea.

Extrañas clouds fragments of a glory.

Stars from a story shine on your forehead.

You reign among the Goddesses of the Waters.

With your laugh you disarm the storm.

Calm returns to your kind word.

The East Breeze spawned your gentle life.

Goddess of the Sea and living waters.

Your cheek kissed the beautiful Moon, and your forehead was adorned with majesty and stars.

They carry the waves, the beautiful roses that the foams will hide.

Your aromas are the hopes of those who acclaim you, Goddess of the Sea.

Prayer in Yoruba language for Yemayá:

We can also speak to her in Yoruba and pray to her with great faith and love:

Yenya Orisha obinrin dud ku eke ew maye Ayaba mi re oyu Ayaba ano rigba iki

my Iya mayele oga nigbo okin yeye omo eya lojun oyina ni reta gbogbo okin

nigbe iwo ni re elewo nitosi re omo teiba adupe Iya mi.

I pray with Spanish translation:

(Queen God of all oceans,

known for the seven stripes on your face

which Pray to the Queen Mother of all oceans.

Daughter of the deep blue sea, where you have your wealth, and your throne.

I, who am your obedient son share your fortune with me.

Thank you, my mother)

Offerings to the goddess in her day

As a simple offering to Yemayá on the beach, we threw seven white roses into the water and at the same time left her seven coins, praying for the blessing we desire and always thanking her for her mercy.

Other ways to honor her if we do not have a sea nearby, is to make a simple altar at home, we dedicate a blue or white candle, a flower, even from our garden, a prayer or a thought of gratitude and it is enough for our mother of seas listen to us and bless us.

How to make a simple altar to Yemayá? Click here to read more ...

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