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Prayers to Yemayá, Oshun and Oyá to reach love

yemaya oshun oyá

Yemaya, Oshun and Oyá They are three female Orishas who are united by a great spiritual bond, according to Yoruba legend they are inseparable sisters, and they protect each other. Believers come to them to ask for health, love, luck and well-being, among other blessings.

Prayers to Yemayá to attract love

Yemaya, the mother goddess and patron of women, especially pregnant women, is a deity with a lot of power and for having an impetuous character she is also highly respected. She is the Orisha of the seas and of fertility, a blue woman, mother of fish, vigilante and protector.

Women mainly find in Yemayá the shelter of a mother, for this reason they are the ones who most invoke her through prayers and imploring powerful prayers for various situations in life, including love.

We must bear in mind that, to perform any prayer, a white candle must be lit and an offering to the goddess of the seas must be made, although there is nothing that the mother of all does not fulfill when it is asked with faith.  

Yemayá possesses the power to attract love, and in her prayers she is acclaimed for achieving the loyalty of the loved one and attracting impossible loves.

Say the prayers in quiet places and show great respect for the mighty deity.

We offer the prayer to Yemayá for love:

Oh mighty goddess Yemayá!

I come before you to ask you to help me

That you open the eyes of my beloved (here the name of the person)

So that he loves me with passion, that his eyes are only for me,

That you feel like kissing and hugging me

¡Oh Mighty Mother Yemayá!

May his love be as strong as the waves of your sea,

May your passion overflow like waters,

That my beloved (the person's name is said)

Feel that you cannot live without me, that only I will make you happy forever

I beg you oh save my beloved goddess Yemayá!

Prayer should be done every day, lighting a white candle next to a sweet fruit or a little sugar on a plate, so we will appreciate your help and blessings.

Prayers of love to Oshún

Oshun She is the Yoruba Goddess of Love. To her par excellence prayers are raised asking for luck in love life, also to achieve harmony within family life and the blessing of fertility.

She is the orisha of sensuality and rivers, illuminating the other gods with her provocative feminine figure and the sweetness of honey.

To pray to Oshún for love and receive the blessing of the goddess, it is very important that the person is in a good mood, with good energy and feels grateful, because he is a calamitous deity and you never know when he is upset.

Remember that the Orisha loves offerings of honey and sunflowers, if you can make an offering to Oshún no matter how small, she will appreciate it. When the person feels confident and self-confident, they can pray for love.

Prayer to the goddess Oshún to ask for love:

Gold is your ray of light

Just like the gold that belongs to you

May your crystal purity

Orisha, fresh water

Don't let any fog

cloud my deepest desire

to get true love

Safe, eternal and durable

What is present in the Cascades

which in themselves are already sacred

So please,

turns off all feeling if I suffer

let no tears be shed for what I love

You are sweet, protective

soft and pretty

feminine and seductive.

Oshún Oh, mother, give me your pain,

give me your strength, give me alchemy

like the sublime nectar

that you know how to respect and revere.

Prayers to Oyá to get love

Oyá She is a female Orisha, owner of the door of the cemeteries and the one who dominates the sparks and strong winds. Her power is indecipherable, she is a warrior and in her dance she is capable of taking away everything bad, she cleanses darkness and evil spirits with her steps.

This power makes the prayers to Oyá are based on intense feelings, among which love stands out, fundamentally those difficult, impossible, forbidden loves, of mixed feelings...

To pray to Oyá we must take into account her strength as a warrior and implore her blessings with conviction. To do this we must choose a secluded place, light a white candle and begin to pray.

This is the sentence to Oyá for the love

Powerful Oyá, warrior and fair Orisha,

brave as no woman, terrible against your enemies, and seductive with your lovers.

Drive away the wind of death, with your iruke and your sword, drive away pain and disease.

Give me your strength and vigor, and the fortune of a great love, as you had with Oggún and Chango,

that I know how to be a partner, friend and lover of my partner,

solving all adversities, dominating the 4 winds with temperament and fairness.

When my time comes, guard my soul, and deliver me from misfortune.

listen to me mother Oyá: do not allow pain, illness, hatred or resentment to fall on me, allow my life to be a peaceful path,

of love, happiness and joy, loving and being loved, creating a happy and prosperous family.

To you OyáMy queen and lady, I raise my prayers.

Protect me from evil, divert the pains from my path and open the doors to love.

Take care of me, my mother

Thanks, Oyá!

To these inseparable Yoruba sisters, Yemayá, Oshún and OyáWe ask for your help to give us lots of love, health and abundance. May Yemayá clean our path with her waters, may Oshún give us much goodness and joy and may Oyá protect us from the darkness of life, and that together they guide us with their mantle of divine protection.

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