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Prayers to Yemayá, Oshun and Oyá for prosperity and money

Prayers to Yemayá Oshun and Oyá

Yemaya, Oshun and Oyá, the sister deities, the most protective of the females, to the powerful Orishas of the Yoruba religion we will dedicate these prayers to achieve prosperity.

We pray to them and ask for their blessings in every area of ​​our life and spiritual path, so that they welcome us as protective mothers and help us to go through the difficult situations of life.

We turn to his devotees to request help to prosper in life, for economic stability and luck in business, among many other requests, also full of gratitude.

Prayers to Yemayá for prosperity

Yemaya, goddess of the sea and known as the mother of all Orishas. We pray to her by placing offerings in the seas, lighting white candles and agasajáing it with different foods.

In Yemayá the devotees seek wisdom, fertility, wealth, inspiration, motherhood, strength and wealth. One of the most recurrent requests after love is the request for financial aid.

Next, we present the prayer to Yemayá for money, which should be done in a quiet place and for 3 to 9 days, always in an odd number. Remember, faith is imperative in every prayer.

Prayer to Yemayá for money

Oh Blessed Mother! Sovereign of the waters of all seas,

Radiant goddess of light with majestic power,

Your love for your children is gigantic,

That equals the size of your sacred wisdom,

with which you rule our lives from the oceans.

Listen Mighty goddess Yemayá, the favors that my being implores,

and grant me the help for which I come to you,

take away all bad luck from me,

within your sacred seas drown

all my fears, sadness, resentment and anguish,

for not having enough money.

Bring to me (Your full name) Kind Yemayá,

Fortune, money and prosperity.

Thank you Majestic Goddess for hearing my plea

and grant my wishes.

Hail, oh goddess Yemayá, Amen.

Prayers to Oshún for money

Oshun She is one of the goddesses of the Yoruba religion, associated with love, wealth and money. Prayers are also raised to the Yoruba Goddess of Love and Fertility asking for economic prosperity and well-being in business.

It is one of the most revered female deities within homes that practice the Yoruba religion to ask for abundance. Oshún is asked to intercede so that the ways of money are opened and so that when prosperity arrives, he will never leave again.

Those who go through a situation of misery or ruin in search of the salvation of the goddess turn to her.

We now present the prayer to Oshún for money, which must be done with faith and devotion so that the Orisha hears our prayers:

Prayer to Oshún for prosperity

Oh, Mother Oshún! Orisha of rivers and waterfalls, waters that wash away the evils of the world.

Goddess of love! Your waters hold the feelings that feed hearts with vibrations of peace and forgiveness.

Bella Oshún, owner of gold, illuminate and open my paths, attend to my needs, pour your gold over my family, may I never suffer hunger, misery, or ruin and may we not lack your blessing or prosperity in the future.

Blessed Mother Oshún, protect your children from all calamity and instill in our hearts the joy of true love.

Provide us with your unparalleled beauty and grace, make our loves faithful and lasting, and give us abundance.

May your five handkerchiefs serve us to take advantage of the gifts you provide us and may we have an open path to health, happiness and prosperity.

Oshún, beautiful and loving, protects our homes, holds our families together, and sheds a wealth of wealth, joy, and material progress on us.

Pray ê oxum! (Hail Oshún!)

Prayers to Oyá for economic well-being

Oyá It is a female deity and is part of the head Orishas of the Yoruba religion. She is also the owner of the cemeteries door and the Orisha queen of storms, of darkness, deity of winds and sparks. Oyá She is a woman who brings light to our path because she knows the darkness and loneliness of life.

It is the air we breathe and the one that controls the spirits of the deceased. to the mighty Oyá devotees pray to him in tempestuous situations of misery and abandonment. She will listen to our pleas and with her impetus she will support us, because she is the one who cleans with her iruke all the bad things that torment us.

To pray to Oyá we must take into account the offerings that the goddess worships and also light a candle and even put incense on it. We beg her by showing devotion and faith in beautiful prayers.

We now propose the prayer to Oyá for economic well-being.

Prayer to Oyá for money and abundance

Oyá, Lady of the Winds, Lightning and Storms

Make my life always full of grace and light

Oyá, Lady of the Nine Sons,

Woman of Nine Destinations,

Comfort me, and caress me

When I need a friendly shoulder,

Oyá, Warrior Goddess,

In my many struggles she gives me energy

It stimulates me to fight for a better life,

(Make the request here)

Oh! sovereign queen of Oyá,

Oh! Splendid Maiden of Ketu

That to the great lord Shango

Gave him the world present

As well as pure divinity

Magnanimous, bold

Make me a better human being

In what i could wish for

A fairer person, so that he can dream

And give me light for the path of those who need me.

Oyá, Bless my beloved friends and give them happiness and multiple joys

Like the rays that pierce the skies

Lady of the winds, lightning and storms

Hear my request and put a light in my life.

When we dedicate prayers and prayers to Yemayá, Oshún and Oyá we must do it with great faith, above all let us remember that even if we have economic problems we must not forget to ask for health, because without it we will have nothing.

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