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Prayers to Yewa to help us make "Good Decisions in Life"

Prayers to Yewa

Yewa or Yegguá is a warrior Orisha, symbolized by life and death, reigns in darkness, guide of spirits, brave and witch, in Osha her power is immense.

Orisha who dances next to the silence of the cemetery over the graves and represents the loneliness of the night.

But before dedicating these powerful prayers to Yewa, the Yoruba Queen ...

Did you know these 10 qualities of the Yewa Warrior?

yewá santas
  1. Orisha that symbolizes the containment of feelings, female chastity, virginity and sterility. She personifies the limitation of emotions and feminine purity.
  2. Also known as the river goddess Yewá, seen as a fighting saint, strong and courageous and, above all, extremely strict and wise.
  3. She is one of the Orishas Muerteras along with Oyá and Obba and as such, is the owner of the tomb, is among the tombs and the dead and lives inside the coffin that is in the tomb.
  4. Yewá is the Orisha who owns the cemetery and is widely linked to death. She is the one in charge of bringing the eggun and spirits to Oyá.
  5. She is represented as a virgin and old spinster who saw her life pass in the confinement. And it is that some Patakíes point out its immense beauty, for which her father, Obatalá, protected her in a castle, away from the gazes of others.
  6. His name comes from the Yorùbá Yèwá (Yeyé: mother - Awá: ours) and his cult comes from Dahomey and lived in Egwadó.
  7. In Cuba she is worshiped mainly in the houses of Santiago de Cuba in the East of the country, where she gives herself as a tutelary Orisha and her children have great prestige as fortune-tellers who are kept in the most rigid austerity.
  8. The Orisha Yewá is in charge of decomposing the human body and is attributed great wisdom. That is why the animal that acts as a messenger of this deity is the owl.
  9. Yewa is believed to be a major part of the Iyamis (witches) as the patron and owner of them. It is usually sweet and severe at the same time, due to its strict character like Oduduwá.
  10. In the Yoruba religion, Yewá is an orisha that expresses divinity, and syncretizes in Afro-Cuban culture with:
  • Our Lady of the Forsaken, patron saint of Valencia, Spainaña,
  • The Virgin of Monserrate
  • Saint Clare of Assisi.

What to keep in mind when summoning Yewa:

Out of respect for the saint, in front of her settlement you cannot undress, have love affairs or disputes, act with violence or rudeness and not even raise your voice.

She does not like her children to be indecisive and demands that they be as respectful and strict as she is.

They don't like to be bothered in vain or to make mistakes of any kind.

We can offer Yewa a white, pink or red candle and with great peace, in a quiet place we invoke it always asking for the good, from the heart and with faith.

For protection and wisdom we dedicate these "Prayers to Yewa"

We ask Yewá for protection as a good warrior that she is, help in love, open the roads and protect us.

We can also pray that He will grant us the wisdom to make good decisions and help us do the right thing.

The Wise Orisha will bless us with her knowledge to make better choices in life.

  • So we pray to Yewá to bless us with wisdom and knowledge in life.

My Wise Orisha, Our Mother, you who possess the knowledge of the world

Yewá, you who bless your children and devotees with wisdom and peace, so that they walk safely until they reach their destination

Owner of the Sepulture, you who face death and come out victorious, full of wisdom and spirituality

Today I ask you, Our Mother, to listen to my request and bless me with your immense gifts so that I can advance along the path of life with your hand.

Great Yewá, allow this, your devoted son, to make the right decisions, thus bringing success and abundance to my home.

So that we never lack anything

Wise Mother, remove the blindness of ignorance from me and guide me with your wisdom until I achieve peace in my life

Do not allow my Mother to make mistakes plagued by ignorance

Give me your light and your confidence to obtain joys and satisfactions

Protect me and guide me, Mother

Do not abandon your child on these trails full of difficulties

So be it.

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