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Prayers dedicated to the Virgencita de la Caridad and Oshún in their day

Prayers to Oshún

The Cuban people adore the Patron Saint of Cuba, La Caridad del Cobre and celebrate her on her day, September 8, in the most dissimilar ways, joining their cult to that of Oshun, Yoruba goddess of rivers, love and fertility, in full expression of Cuban and Creole religion.

There are many who entrust themselves to the saint that day and ask her for protection, health and prosperity. The prayers that are heard in Spanish and Yoruba are a sign of praise and supplication in these difficult days that are being faced throughout the world.

Honoring the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre and the Orisha Oshún from the heart and with faith we will obtain their blessings, let's have some stamps with her image, some sunflowers, if they are 5 much better and light a white or yellow candle, pray giving thanks for the happiness and health you have.

The offerings for Oshún reach the river

Every day 8 of the sacred month of September, Cubans demonstrate their devotion to the patron saint of this Island, for Cachita, for the Charity of Copper, for the Orisha Oshún.

Every year many go to the Santiaguero Sanctuary, others come to the different temples scattered throughout Cuba in his honor and many pray to him at the altars of their houses.

This year for many it will be difficult to reach the temples due to the situation of illness facing the world, but that this does not weaken our faith and veneration for the Holy Orisha.

If you can go to the river, its sacred temple, to take a bath or to admire the clear waters while you talk calmly with the Orisha telling her your joys and requesting her relief from sadness, you will feel her great blessing.

To the river you can take sunflowers and the offerings that you want, you put them in the water and ask that as its currents take their offering to take away all the bad, disease and misfortune of our lives, pray for the well-being and ask his eternal blessing.

Prayers and prayers to the holy goddess of love

Apart from visiting a river you can also go to a place that emanates sweet water, you can dress in yellow in his honor, the color that represents the Orisha Oshún and the Virgin, find a quiet and peaceful place to pray in a low voice and speak to her the way a son would speak to his mother, with confidence and immense faith.

If you do not have the opportunity to go to its waters, dedicate this beautiful prayer from your home, choose a clean, organized and quiet place, offer it a candle and light so that it can hear your prayers of love and gratitude.

This is one of the prayers of thanks that we can dedicate to you.

Prayer to the Virgencita de la Caridad and Oshún to thank:

Virgin of Charity of Copper

Beautiful among the beautiful 

Pure enters the pure 

Adored and blessed are you 

For all of us who revere you with devotion 

Always resolved before my pleas and 

Always attentive to my regrets

Who held me in my mother's womb until I was born

Beautiful and pure mother 

Virgin that you help and do not despise 

We always ask for your intercession and love 

Virgin of Charity and Oshún 

They go by my side united

Mothers both,

Both venerated,

Blessed both of you. 

Both the same embryo,

My adored ones,

That while I live I will never lack a good

That shine like gold, that their waters bless me and I owe my life to them

Thank you infinite Mother for your great and sacred blessings.

Remember to do it with great faith, that the blessing of the Virgencita de la Caridad and Oshún protect you and protect you always.

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