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May 15, Orishaoko day: 3 Prayers to the deity of abundance

Orishaoko Prayers

Every May 15, Orishaoko is celebrated in Cuba In Santeria, a popular Orisha who is venerated not only as a deity of agriculture, harvests and fertility, but also as a fair and wise judge.

In the Rule of Osha-Ifá he is an Orisha who governs in life, in death, and in fertility.

This deity is attributed the gifts of providing health, vigor, solidity and fertility.

Why is the Orisha celebrated on May 15?

Orishaoko is syncretized with the Catholic saint San Isidro Labrador, standard of the farmers, simple man and maker of rains, for this reason the celebration of the Yoruba deity joins the festival of the saint.

Both deities, the Catholic and the Yoruba, share many characteristics related to the land, agriculture and farming, perhaps for this reason our ancestors made this comparison.

What can be asked of Orisha Oko?

Whenever we pray, call or acclaim this deity it is to:

  • May he offer us help to strengthen us,
  • solve problems such as employment situations and abundance
  • attract mental and spiritual tranquility,
  • beg your help to be able to conceive children,
  • enhance and increase male virility,
  • deal with health problems and illnesses,
  • to keep us away from death and all sorcery.

Orisha Oko shows us the mysteries of life and death, it is he who sustains us in life, but we ourselves feed him when we die, since our bodies are always buried in the earth.

Prayers dedicated to the Yoruba deity Orisha-Oko

Every prayer that is said must be done with faith, trust and a lot of love, and to generate faith we need trust in our beliefs. 

  • Remember "Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean you don't believe it."

Before praying, light a white or red candle to the orisha, which are his colors in Santeria, and ask him to help you with whatever you need.

1. I pray to Orishaoko to ask for protection and shelter

Orisha of the harvest, wise and fair judge,
God of prosperity and agricultural wealth,
Deity of the field, great Orishaoko
Grant me your protection and shelter,
Keep death away from me
Take away from me all sorcery and evil that they wish me,
May abundance not be lacking in my family, nor at my table,
May I recover my health and give me the necessary vitality to move forward.
I trust you!

2. A prayer for a son

Powerful Orisha-Oko,
God of fertility and owner of the land,
I turn to you to cleanse my body of bad vibes and especially my belly, in order to achieve my dream of being a mother.
Fill me with patience and serenity to receive from your hands the gift of becoming pregnant and that my son grows up under your protection and shelter.
All is said. I trust you!

3. Prayer in Yoruba translated into Spanish

ORIKI ORISHAOKO -Praise to the spirit of the farm
IBA ORISHAOKO -I praise the spirit of the farm
FUN MI IYAN, A DUPE - Supplier of yams, I thank you
IBA ORISHAOKO -I praise the spirit of the farm
SEGBEDE A SE -There is a lot of gratitude here
IBA ONI IYAN TO FUNFUN LELE -I praise the owner of the white yam
TO DUPE, GBOGBO IRE FUN IYAN TO -I give thanks for the many blessings that come with the white yam

You ask Orishaoko from the heart with these prayers and everything will be easier for you, but a lot of patience because it will come at the right time, not when we want.

And remember to be thankful every day and never curse, no matter how bad things are going for you.

Do not forget that if the prayers come from the soul, they will be heard. Blessings

I share with you some offerings for the great Orisha Oko:

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