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Prayers for Oshún the African Venus: We pray to her for love and protection

Prayers for Oshún

Oshún, Orisha owner of the honey of bees sweeten my path and bring to me all the good that I may deserve.

I beg you my saint to cover my destiny with your golden mantle so that no disturbance, envy or ill-intentioned person can dañaharm or cause harm to my family.

Powerful deity, African Venus, I approach you to deliver my best prayers, which are driven by the breath of faith and devotion that I feel for you.

Virgin of Charity of Copper, that you protect Cuba from your sanctuary of El Cobre, I beg you to spread peace on the homes and healing on the sick, protect the children that are about to be born and make me your most faithful son.

With these words we call on Oshún to spill his waters over Cuba and the world and reign over the planet religious unification, the art of love and peace. 

Prayers for Oshún: Looking in his power for protection and much love

Sunflowers field
Sunflowers are Oshún's favorite flowers, we can offer her 5 sunflowers when invoking her

1. Prayer to invoke Oshún the Orisha of Love

Oshún for all the powers that exist on earth, for the fire, the vital air, the virtues of the water I invoke you.

For every heart they have wounded, for the tears of those who suffer for love, I beg you to seek my love and put him at my mercy, so that his spirit and heart only belong to me.

Oshún divine and powerful goddess, allow each part of your body to ask for me and for my love.

Do not allow my loved one to feel for another person a feeling as pure as the one I feel.

May it be only for me and that each of your thoughts belongs to me.

Oshún this prayer is for you, so that my loved one can come closer and never leave me again.

2. Prayer for Yalodde to protect us

My mother, goddess of love, vanity and nature, miraculous Oshún, I know your power and the mercy you have towards your children.

I have faith and I trust that my words will be heard, on this day where sadness invades my heart I beg you to shelter me in your lap and take care of me from all evil.

This time I come before your presence with great humility, fear and sadness in my heart to beg you to protect me.

I have made many mistakes and now I am paying the consequences of my actions, that is why I seek your divine protection.

I am being bullied by people who not only want to hurt me but also want to hurt the people I care about.

With tears in my eyes I beg you to cover with your mantle of love all the people I love and protect them from all evil.

Rituals with beautiful offerings dedicated to the golden goddess Oshún:

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