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Ritual with the 7 African powers A staff to protect us from evil!

Ritual 7 African Powers

Seven are the African powers and are represented by 7 orishas of the Yoruba pantheon and their Catholic syncretism:

  • obbatala (Virgin of the Mercedes),
  • Shango (Holy Blessed Barbara),
  • orunmila (San Francisco de Asis),
  • Oggun (Saint John Baptist),
  • Eleggua (Holy Child of Atocha),
  • Oshun (Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre) and
  • Yemaya (Virgin of Regla).

Each deity is surrounded by energies and each one of them brings us love, health, strength, vitality, will, knowledge, justice and hope.

Imagine when their powers unite how much they can offer us to open good paths.

Work on behalf of the 7 powers as a shelter for the home against diseases:

A staff in the name of the 7 powers

This work is very simple and if you put all your faith in it it will work for you and it will be conducive to solving problems, and those situations sometimes do not let us move forward.

Remember that faith is a remedy in each of our difficulties.


  • Guava stick that serves as a cane
  • Corojo butter
  • Colored ribbons or fabrics: White, Blue, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Wine Red and Red
  • 1 candle
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco smoke

How do we do this powerful ritual?

  1. First, you must choose a guava stick that serves as a cane, which represents the cane that supports your home against diseases and everything bad.
  2. You must spread corojo butter with your hands to your cane.
  3. Then on the stick you tie the colored ribbons, one by one:
  • The white ribbon It is on behalf of Obbatalá,
  • the blue represents Yemayá,
  • the yellow to Oshún,
  • the green dark to Oggún,
  • light green to Orunmila,
  • the red wine to Shango and
  • the Red to Elegguá.

It tienes spiritual vault In front of her you will do this ritual, but behind the door of the house.

  1. You light the candle and ask for your blessing to the 7 African Powers, you blow brandy on the stick and tobacco smoke and say the prayer of the 7 powers (to see the prayer you must click on the following photo)

Where do we place the cane and how do we use it?

  • After the prayer, you let that candle burn out and leave the cane behind the front door of your home.

Every time you leave your house, you hit the floor 7 times and every time you have a problem, too.

You must leave it indefinitely in your home, but each week you must light a candle, blow brandy and tobacco smoke and you cannot miss the prayer at the seven powers.

Always do it with faith, I sincerely hope that this ritual to the 7 African powers brings you health, love and a lot of development in your life.

Learn more about the power of the Seven African Powers in Santeria:

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