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Opening the roads with this Ritual to Elegguá

Ritual to elegguá to open the roads

Something that you enjoy is working with Eleggua, the great little boy of the Osha, and it is that when we perform rituals with him, we can perceive his energy and his Ashe.

Who sees everything, who knows everything, who opens you up and who obstructs your paths if you make mistakes. He is the Guardian of every corner, crossroads and roads.

Elegguá likes to feel flattered and listened to by his omos (children). He teaches you the ways to follow, but only you decide if you enter or not, if you listen to him or not, remember that he always saves and protects because he loves his children.

If you take the right path, Elegguá will open the door to development, be patient in everything you do, a lot of faith and love.

Works to Elegguá to open the roads:

This is a very beautiful and easy work to do, as well as effective. All the ingredients to be used are very valuable elements for Elegguá to listen to us, the little one loves this delicacy.

You can do this work, even if you do not have Eleguá received, you can do it in his name and in that case you will prepare the work behind the front door of the house.


  • 3 ears of corn with fluff
  • Corojo butter
  • Deep fryer or clay plate
  • 1 Candle
  • Guinea pepper
  • Brandy or rum
  • Tobacco
  • 3 cents

How to prepare the ritual for the Elegguá child?

  1. Take the 3 ears of corn with fluff and you need to roast them.
  2. After roasting, you spread corojo butter and put them in the fryer in front of Elegguá, then you must light the candle.
  3. Take a guinea pepper and chew it (don't swallow it), take a sip of rum and blow on Elegguá. You light the tobacco and smoke it.
  4. You must give knowledge to the Orisha and ask for his blessing, say the elements that he has placed, his intention and request, and thank him.
  5. You will light this work for 3 consecutive days and on the third day you will give it a path to where Elegguá tells you.

If you have Eleguá, but you still don't know how to ask or you don't have it, because you go to a bush, or to a very dense hill that is where Eleguá lives, in the thick of the mountain, and you leave it with your right of 3 cents and remember to clean with them.

  1. You will clean yourself with the pennies starting at the head and ending at the feet, you will leave them there next to the offering.


Remember that you must do this work with great faith, it is very simple but very effective.

Every day when you light the candle, take some time to meditate and talk with Eleguá, occupy him in reflecting on your life, the decisions you have made and you will see how the little giant gives you the answers you need.

I sincerely hope that this ritual to little Elegguá will help him open the paths of his life, so that he may develop with prosperity and abundance, and above all health.

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