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Ritual to Eleguá ≫ To overcome difficulties and open the roads

Ritual to Eleguá to open the roads

It is painful when our projects fall apart, the energy that surrounds us does not flow and blocks our path.

Then there are insecurities of whether we are really capable of getting out of that stagnation, because faith in difficult moments is when it falters the most.

I propose that you do this work to Eleggua, the great orisha owner of roads, savannas, corners and crossroads, the one who decides our destiny.

The powerful Elegguá will always help you, but yes, placing a lot of faith and love.

Ritual to the Orisha Eleguá to open the roads with 3 sacred sticks

Elegguá scribble in the bush
Eleguá Scribble

It is a simple work, but it will be very positive for you, for this we will use sticks that are very effective to win battles and open paths.

If you can get them, the ideal is that these sticks have a doodle shape, like the Orisha doodle, but if you cannot it does not matter, it is only a recommendation.

This work is very beautiful and effective, my godmother sent it to me some time ago, and with the license of her dead and her consent, today I offer it to you from the heart.

Powerful Ingredients and Sticks You Need:

  • 1 candle
  • Winner Suit
  • Stick Win Battle
  • Pathfinder Stick
  • Corojo butter
  • Red thread
  • Black thread
  • Tobacco
  • Brandy or rum
  • 3 cents

If you have not received the orisha, you can do this work in his name, and you always place the sticks behind the front door of the house with great faith.

How to prepare the work dedicated to Eleguá?

  1. You break the candle into three equal parts, and then light one of the pieces.
  2. First, you take the sticks and spread them with corojo butter with both hands.
  3. Then you are going to thread each stick, that is, you are going to wrap the stick until it is completely covered with thread as I explain below:
  4. Take the winning stick and half black, half red and say:

Choose your blessing
Here is your son / daughter (your name)
Entisando the Victor stick so that the expiration comes to me
with your help (you say where or who to win).

  1. You take the Beat Battle stick and half black, half red and say:

Choose your blessing
Here is your son / daughter (your name)
Entisando the stick Win Battle to be able to win the battles
with your help (what or who to beat).

  1. You take the Abre Camino stick and half black, half red and say:

Choose your blessing
Here is your son / daughter (your name)
Entisando el palo Abre Camino, to open roads
with your help and protection (ways to beat)
Blessed are you Elegguá
Thank you for always being my protector.

  1. You put the 3 inked scribbles on top of Elegguá, and you blow tobacco smoke and brandy at it.
  2. You will have this work on top of Elegguá for 21 days, every Monday of the three weeks in a row that the ritual lasts you will light a piece of candle.
  3. During this time you will also attend the Orisha as every Monday and you will add brandy and tobacco.
  4. At 21 days, one squiggle will go to the mountain, another to the jungle, and the other to a road or 4 corners with the 3 cents.

I hope that with this powerful ritual to Eleguá to open the roads everything good will come to you and that it opens up new opportunities before you, with your wishes fulfilled and overcoming difficulties through the powerful orisha who protects us.

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