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How to attract love? The Ritual to Oshun that will help you achieve it

Ritual to Oshun to attract love

This beautiful ritual to attract love in the name of Oshun the goddess of love in the Yoruba Pantheon, we will do it to activate our life with the most beautiful of feelings.

Why will we ask this goddess?

Oshun is one of the most merciful and compassionate Orishas, ​​like a mother she attends and cares for us, as long as we are fair and grateful to her power, it is she who gives us love in life.

His deity is the one who governs and directs love in our hearts, she is beautiful, exuberant, beautiful and feminine, she represents tenderness, love, passion, desires, but at the same time represents pain, crying, punishment and revenge for all that they made her suffer .

As well symbolizes the struggle for life, is the owner of the rivers in nature, and intervenes in the creation of the fetus in the womb, she is life and love.

Oshun loves her children and all those people who revere and respect her, if you trust her you can assume that if your request is fair she will grant it to you.

What meaning do the elements we use in this Yoruba offering have?

You need to know that each ingredient used in this ritual for Oshun to attract love It has very powerful properties, which is why we use it.

What are its spiritual meanings and powers?

  • The Orange It is one of Oshun's favorite fruits in Santeria and also the energy that this delicious fruit gives off is very good for strengthening bonds in love, it attracts prosperity and success.
  • The cinnamon not only attracts money and prosperity, but also love and drives away the negative.
  • Honey It is the Elixir of the Goddess Oshun and a wonderful provider of love and sweetness.
  • Glitter, frost or glitter: helps make our rituals more effective and brings light with its shine.
  • Yellow precipitate It is a powder that is used so that our rituals precipitate, that is, they act faster, but if you don't have it, don't worry.

Ingredients for the Ritual:

  • 3 naranjas
  • 1 dish
  • White paper
  • Graphite pencil
  • Cinnamon stick or powder
  • Honey
  • Glitter, frost or glitter
  • Yellow precipitate (powder found in esoteric shops)
  • 2 candles (white, yellow or gold)
  • 5 cents

How is this offering made at the foot of Oshun to attract Love?

Remember to do the ritual taking care of the details and placing each element with love and a lot of sweetness, Oshún is very flirtatious and loves beautiful offerings.

  1. At the beginning, you wash the three oranges and cut them in half. You will only use 5 halves of those oranges, since the "5" is the Oshún brand.
  2. On a plate, place the 5 halves of the orange in the name of the Orisha.
  3. Cut five strips of paper (approximately one finger wide) and write with a graphite pencil the name of the person you need to attract or in whom you want to strengthen your love.
  4. Spread honey on the papers, roll them up one by one and insert them inside each cinnamon stick.
  5. In case it is cinnamon powder, spread honey and cinnamon on each piece of paper and roll it up to insert it into the center of the oranges.
  6. Then you must pour honey over each orange, sprinkle glitter and yellow precipitate, to beautify the ritual and speed up the results.
  7. You put the plate in front of the tureen or image of Oshún, in case you do not have the image, do not worry, if your request is with faith, she will listen to you in the same way.
  8. Spread a little honey on the 2 candles before lighting them in front of Oshún and ask for her blessing, give her knowledge of the offering that you are going to put on her.
  9. You can invoke it with this prayer: Powerful prayer to Oshun to make a request to Love

How many days should we leave the ritual?

For five consecutive days you must light the candles and ask Oshún to grant you the power of love, remember not to ask for the impossible, we must even accept when she does not want someone to be by our side, only she will know the reasons, but over time we will understand. Knowing how to accept is also having faith.

  • On the fifth day we withdraw the offering and with 5 cents we go to the river or under a leafy tree to leave the offering to Oshún.
  • You throw the 5 cents into the waters of the river or leave them under the leafy tree, because that money is your right.

Religious recommendations:

We should always do these rituals when we are alone in order to better concentrate and visualize what we need to obtain, Oshún likes music and everything beautiful, that's why you can put on some music and ring her bell by invoking her.

Have faith in the Osha and you will see that the blessing will come, a hug for you.

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