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I work to attract Love under the blessing of the Orisha Oshún

Ritual to Oshún for love

The Orisha Oshún He is the most beautiful deity of the Yoruba Pantheon. It is identified with the yellow color and the river, it is represented by the number five and the coral.

It is syncretized in the Catholic religion with La Santísima Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, patron saint of the Island of Cuba.

Within its faculties is the possession of virtue through the use of honey from bees, golden nectar through which the deity relies to perform its incantations, establishing this ingredient as its autochthonous seal in the ceremonies belonging to the Osha.

Five Branches of Cinnamon to conquer happiness

The cinnamon It is an ingredient closely related to the African saint, it has magical properties, among which we can mention its influences on the thought of lovers and the power of attraction that it exerts on the minds and hearts that are predestined to be together.

Ingredients necessary to develop the ritual of cinnamon and love

  • Five cinnamon sticks
  • Yellow thread
  • Fragrance
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Two yellow candles

Preparing the Oshún Ritual for love:

It is important to mention that to carry out this ritual the religious must be placed inside a habitation that has good lighting and in which a favorable and calm environment is established.

  1. The santero takes a trace of paper on which he must write the name of the person he wishes to attract.
  2. Once the writing is finished, the paper is folded evenly and reserved.
  3. Take the five cinnamon sticks grouping them in a stacked way, take the paper that had been reserved and place it between the cinnamon sticks.
  4. The cinnamon is chalked with the yellow thread, leaving the branches very dense.
  5. This work is añaabundantly a feminine fragrance.

The santero takes the work in his hands and invokes the deity Oshún asking him for the blessing and to place his mantle on the person he wishes to attract in order for love to arise between the related individuals.

This work is deposited at the foot of the Oshún soup tureen and the same prayer is made for five consecutive days. This order must be accompaniedañado of two yellow candles that are lit only at the moment of beginning the invocation.

Once the five days corresponding to the prayer are completed, the cinnamon must remain indefinitely before the Oshún receptacle, becoming part of one of the saint's tools, which will be refreshed with perfume from time to time.

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