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Cleaning the house with Yemayá to collect negative energies

Ritual to Yemayá

Our home must always be clean of bad vibes and negative energies, to eliminate everything bad is this ritual to Yemayá.

Let's not think that darkness is always received from other people, perhaps no one visits you and you feel bad in your own home and it is because we ourselves or other members of the house have collected energies that are not good.

In this work we will work with our mother of the Universe Yemaya, the protective mother and owner of the sea. We will use watermelon, which is one of his favorite fruits and he always welcomes it.

The turtle or turtle is closely related to knowledge, ability, power, good sense and protection, you will also work with it in this work, since it is responsible for collecting everything bad.

A very important fact that you may not have known is that jicotea or turtle water is used in omiero (water prepared with herbs that contains Ashé), its water is powerful and used within religion as a protective element.

Ritual to Yemayá:

Remember that it is essential to carry out this work to Yemayá with great faith and respect to achieve the results we want.

Items you need:

  • Jicotea or Tortuga
  • Indigo or Blue Paint
  • 2 candles
  • 1 Watermelon

How to do the cleaning?

  1. You will paint the carapace or shell of the turtle with indigo or blue paint.
    He will release her at home and let her go through it for 7 days, each day he will light the candle for a little while in Yemayá.
  2. The first day will give you knowledge of what you are doing and will say:

Yemayá, Owner of the seas, I ask you
that when the turtle walked around the house for 7 days
in your walk pick up and clean my home
of all negative energy.
Thank you Mother Yemayá!

  1. At 7 days he must go to the sea with his turtle and his watermelon, the turtle will release it on the shore and the watermelon will offer it to Mother Yemayá in its waters and will tell her:

Mother Yemayá, mistress of the sea,
here is your child (say your name)

paying tribute and asking for your blessing
here I leave a turtle with its recollection and this watermelon.
Deliver me from everything bad and remove from me everything that can affect me.
Gracias Madre

When you visit the waters of our mother, talk to her, ask her with faith. To make it easier for you to connect with the powerful Yemayá, I recommend you read this article.


  • This ritual can also be done by a person who does not have Osha, in the name of Yemayá, you can invoke it with this prayer:
  • Use 2 candles if you have Osha and if you don't have 1 candle.
  • Remember to treat the turtle with affection, it is a sacred animal and if there are children in the house they cannot play with it, because its function will be to pick up everything bad.
  • If you wish, you can leave the turtle at home for a longer time, until it can go to the sea, yes, always giving knowledge to Yemayá and fulfilling its work. 

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