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Ritual with oranges and honey in the name of the Angel of your Guardian ≫ Cash

Ritual with oranges

Many times we believe that spiritual works, baths, works, amulets, offerings, we cannot do them because we do not have the essential ingredients.

In our homes or businesses, although we ignore it, we almost always have what it takes to be able to do small spiritual works, which, if done with will, love and above all faith, you will achieve what you are looking for, development, health, attraction of the good. .

We must know that, if we want to ward off bad energies, they do not always come through the mediation of others, but because we ourselves by not following advice and being stubborn, we look for those negative vibes that generate obstacles.

Asking my Guardian Angel and Protective Spirits

Here I leave you a very simple but effective and beautiful work with the orange "the golden fruit", which enhances money, luck, intuition, love and positive vibes.

You will also use honey, which connects with everything magical and cloves that ward off evil and provide protection.

You can do this work on behalf of your Guardian Angel or Protective Spirits.

Ingredients you need:

  • 2 naranjas
  • 1 yellow, gold or white candle
  • 30 to 50 cloves
  • Honey bee
  • Container

How to prepare this work in the name of your Guardian Angel?

  1. First of all, you will wash the oranges, the ingredients to be used in any work should always be washed before because from the moment we buy it and take it home they collect all kinds of energy.
  2. Once the dry ones have been washed and you light the candle, you speak from the heart to your Guardian Angel so that he can help you solve your situation.
  3. You take an orange and you stick 15 or 25 cloves in it, and in doing so you will ask for your wishes, always visualizing how you see yourself in the situation you imagine.
  4. Then you will take the second fruit and do the same.
  5. So that you do not lose focus and your wishes are congruent in the ritual of both fruits, you can write it on a piece of paper.
  6. When finished, you place them in the chosen container and you will pour honey over both oranges.
  7. Your candle will remain lit until it is completely consumed, for greater efficiency sit down and look at that candle light, ask for the blessing of your Guardian Angel, talk and meditate.
  8. You will put the container with the oranges in a place as an ornament, so you will be protected from those who maliciously visit your home or business.
  9. When the days go by and the fruits start to get ugly, you remove them and throw them in the trash. Always remember that, “what is useless is thrown away.”

This ritual with orangesYou can do it as many times as you want, you can also use mandarin or lemon. 

May the blessing of our Guardian Angel protect and shelter us and, above all, may it bring us great health. Blessings.

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