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Healing ritual at the foot of Saint Lazarus for your health or that of another person

Ritual with Saint Lazarus for health

This is a powerful work at the foot of Saint Lazarus Blessed to ask him to intercede for his health or that of whoever we want to help ward off diseases of the body and mind.

San Lázaro known to all as Old Man Lázaro He is adored throughout Cuba and also in other countries where he is known for working with his miracles, preferably in health.

His color is purple, his flowers are gladioli, he goes on crutches like a sick old man and dogs are his faithful companions.

This work is for health, either for you or someone else who wants to do it and ask for it.


  • Clay pot or container that is deep like a pot for sowing
  • Various types of grains
  • 2 purple candles
  • Purple Onion
  • Graphite pencil and paper
  • Small Rue Bouquet tied with a purple Ribbon
  • Bay leaves

How to make this Request for health to Saint Lazarus for those who need to heal?

First, in front of an image of Saint Lazarus, you place a purple candle, light it and ask for his blessing.

You give him an account of what ails you or to whom this work is directed so that he heals soon and recovers his health.

  1. In the clay pot you put all kinds of grains, be it lentils, dry peas, red and white beans, caritas, chickpeas, whatever you have to offer.
  2. On a piece of paper you write your name if it is the request for you or if you should not put the name of the person for whom you are going to make this request of health.
  3. Above that name in several places you will write the word "Health" 9 times.
  4. Once this is done, put the purple onion on that paper.
  5. In addition, you take the bay leaves and boil them for about 10 minutes and while you tie the sprig of rue with the purple ribbon (the rue is not boiled).
  6. When the bay water is ready, put it in a container and put the bundle of rue next to it.

Now you pray with faith to Saint Lazarus and ask him for health.

For this ritual to be effective you leave the candle lit for a while and when it is consumed you take the grains with the paper, the onion and in a pot or container with earth you bury everything.

  • The sprig of rue you put it hanging on the habitation of the sick

9 days attending this powerful ritual

After you have completed the ritual, you light the other purple candle to Saint Lazarus for a while and you will light it like this every day, for 9 days.

For 9 days you will also sprinkle some of the water from the bay leaves on the habitation of the sick by way of cleaning, put faith and trust in it and you will see how health arrives.

May the blessing of Saint Lazarus come into your life and restore your health! Blessings.

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