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A protective shield with the 7 African Powers to defend the home

Ritual of 7 powers

This work is of protection and development on behalf of the Seven African Powers and you can put it in your home or business behind the front door.

When we want to protect our spaces from bad influences, bad eyes, envy, enemies or just those dark energies that stick to us and our family, this work will help us.

The seven powers as deities Separately they represent extremely important energies, as they are carriers of blessings, imagine the great power that they emanate when they work together.

Together they form an inseparable bond, working in unison and representing strength, protection, prosperity, peace, they move away from obstacles to win battles.

When working with the 7 African powers, the deities of the Yoruba Pantheon are invoked:

Although the seven powers are also compared to the representations of the Catholic saints, we present the orishas and their main characteristics as deities of the Rule of Osha (santeria).

  • obbatala the white father of Osha, who gives us peace, health and tranquility
  • Eleggua the owner of the road, with his key opens new opportunities for us  
  • Oggun the lord of the mountain that provides strength, stability and a lot of firmness in life
  • orunmila the great oracle of Ifá that through his word saves us and guides us with wisdom  
  • Yemaya the mother of the world, mistress of the waters, who protects us with her love and strength  
  • Oshun the most beautiful and protective, owner of rivers and fresh waters that gives us sweetness and joy in life
  • Shango, the king of kings, owner of the fire that opens paths for us and overcome any adversity and battle for us

Ingredients for the Ritual of the 7 African Powers:

It is an extremely easy and effective work for those who believe in the 7 African powers and for those who have faith.

  • 1 candle or a candle of different colors
  • Seven colored ribbons
  • Corn
  • Corojo butter
  • 1 Bread
  • Cocoa butter
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco

Please note: Colored ribbons

The 7 Seven colored ribbons should be approximately 30 inches. Each ribbon must represent each orisha of the 7 powers:

  • obbatala: blank
  • Eleggua: Red
  • Oggun: dark green
  • orunmila: light green  
  • Yemaya: blue
  • Oshun: yellow
  • Shango: wine red or dark

How is this ritual done with the 7-color candle and other powerful elements?

You will do the ritual at the foot of your spiritual vault, you light the candle to give you energy. If you don't have a vault, you light the candle in a corner of your house and you will do everything in front of that light.

You will have this work for 21 days and more if you wish. I always advise you to have it at home and if you want to throw it away you will do it in the trash.

  1. In this ritual of the 7 powers, you first take the corn on the cob and spread it with corojo butter, well muddied, then you take the 7 ribbons and also smear it with corojo butter to protect the home.
  2. Behind the main door of the home you will put the cob and the hanging ribbons, you can hold them with something, like a thread or rope.
  3. If you want you can also tie the ribbons around the corn.
  4. You take the bread and smear it with cocoa butter to attract peace and harmony and nail it on top of the corn cob, or if you wish, hung in the same way as the previous elements.
  5. Then behind the door you take brandy and blow, and also tobacco smoke.
  6. And you say the Prayer of the 7 African powers that we leave it below, or CLICK HERE TO READ

As I always say, in this life: What you DO NOT put faith in, DO NOT expect good results.

This work is powerful like all the offerings we make in the name of the orishas, ​​but let us act well in life, let us be humble and act with love, so that everything will turn out well for us.

May the blessings of the Seven African Powers bring much love to you and your family, and above all health so that you may always walk gracefully along the paths of life.

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