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Ritual of the 7 African Powers to have protection at home

Ritual of the 7 powers

The work that we are going to carry out is very beautiful, welcoming and above all protective, we receive through it the protection of seven powerful deities, who guide and protect our path.

This ritual is “andilanga” as they say in Cuba, which means “for a long time.” A work that has been passed down from generation to generation and is very powerful.

I have to comment that not by obligation, the works, rituals, baths and cleanings must carry or añasay in this case of the 7 African powers, each attribute, food or element that our Orishas have.

Each one has their Egguns, their protective spirits and each one works with them, as they want, it is not even as one wants, that is why the works are different and all of them do not serve us, when a ritual does not work, they must repeat it or change it, But don't lose faith

Now, in each offering, the heart, our will and faith are given, because faith moves mountains.añas and crosses them, is capable of achieving the greatest impossible.

Who are the 7 African Powers?

The Seven African Powers are protective deities, Gods of the Yoruba religion called Orishas, ​​their energies light the way for us, they provide us with protection, love, health, prosperity and everything that we ask of them from the heart and with faith. Next, the 7 Orishas and their main characteristics.

OrishaQualities and request made
ObatalaFather of all his children on earth, creator of the universe together with the Supreme God, owner of everything white and of our heads and thoughts. He is mainly asked for peace and health.
ElegguaLittle naughty boy who takes care of the roads we walk, protector of the mountains and the four corners. He owns destiny, decides our happiness and astrality. He is asked for protection and guidance on the paths of life.
ShangoHe is the King of fire, lightning and drum. In nature he is the owner of lightning and thunder. He is a warrior of great strength, therefore strength is asked to move forward and to eliminate all misfortune and obstacles in life.
orulaHe is the sage and the Orisha soothsayer. He gives us advice from the past, the present and the future, his word is sacred and he never falls to the ground, what Orula says is a holy word. We ask the sage to guide and advise us every day.
OggunStrong warrior, owner of iron and metal. He is protector of the mountain, watchman of the roads, his great strength helps us to overcome adversities that are difficult to face.
YemayaShe is the great Mother of all her children on earth. Owner of the sea and all the salty waters of the world. She is the protector of pregnant women, vigilant and kind to all her children. We ask our mother for love, abundance and health and everything we need.
OshunDeity of riches, of beauty, queen of rivers and the sweet waters of the earth. It is very protective, it provides fertility, it helps to achieve the love we desire, it gives us the brightness that we lack in life and it gives a lot of abundance. She is merciful and always heeds our prayers.

Ingredients you need in the ritual:

  • Vase or vase
  • 7 black princes or red roses
  • 7 branches of wall plant (murraya paniculata)
  • Brandy or rum
  • Tobacco smoke
  • 1 candle of the color you want.

How to prepare the Work for the powerful Seven Powers?

  1. Take your vase or vase and deposit the 7 black princes or red roses and the 7 rampart branches in the vase with water.
  2. Then you will take some brandy or rum in your mouth and blow it on those flowers and branches, then light your tobacco or cigar, and blow the smoke over the flowers.
  3. Put the tobacco aside and light your candle in front of the vase of flowers.
  4. Take your tobacco or cigar again, and while you smoke that smoke you ask the blessing of the 7 African powers and it gives you knowledge of why they have given you that offering, it can also be a gift or gift for them as a way of gratitude.
  5. You will let the candle burn out, it is highly recommended that while the candle is lit you stay with it, thanking and asking.
  6. Make prayer to the 7 African powers is the most favorable, I recommend the following CLICK HERE:
  1. That flower arrangement should go in the kitchen or in a cozy place in your home, choose a space where people enter your house and meet, they should look and be visible to everyone.
  2. When you notice that these flowers are wilting, before they are completely withered, you throw them away, but not from your house, but the garbage that is outside your house or on the street.

The wall is a plant that acts as a protector as its name implies, just like the black princes that attract the positive, and the most important thing is that with this simple offering to the 7 powers you are already creating protection and you are taking care of them .

Apart from the fact that your home will look beautiful, they are also taking care of you and listening to you. Blessings and may you receive much health, love and abundance.

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