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The Reguío ≫ Evocation Ritual to the Seven African Powers

ritual of the seven powers

The Reguío is a simple ritual which is done with the aim of refreshing the house.

Through this ceremony, the home is purified of negative energies, the presence of spirits devoid of light and harmful influences, supernatural forces that only bring spiritual backwardness to the people who live under this roof.

Through this work a direct invocation to the seven African powers, pillars of foundation in the Santeria rule.

These deities pour out their blessing on the home, providing protection, unfoldment and tranquility.

What elements are needed to make a Reguío?

Ritual of the 7 African powers with white flowers

The Reguío is a cleansing ritual, so fresh magical elements are required for its realization, among these we mention:

  • water, source of life and main ingredient of this work,
  • is required cascarilla,
  • white flower petals,
  • basil and
  • Eau de cologne.

Elemental flowers to perform this ceremony are the lily and the butterfly, because they have a pleasant aroma, a great connection with the spiritual world.

The water mixed with the petals of the flowers is the perfect vehicle for the astralities to purify themselves, strengthening the home and the people who live in it.

Basil brings freshness to this work while invigorating the spaces giving them new energy.

La cascarilla It is the ingredient that marks the presence of Olodumare during the ceremony, while the eau de toilette acts as the connecting thread of the ritual.

How to develop the cleansing ritual?

Ritual of the 7 African powers with flowers

Before carrying out any ceremonial work, the santero must prepare properly.

Before carrying out the Reguío, he must dress in light clothes and cover his head with a cap or keel, in order to protect his lerí.


The religious will carefully integrate the petals of the white flowers, the basil, the cascarilla and eau de cologne in a container containing plain water.

Once all the elements have been mixed, the preparation will begin to spread from back to front throughout the house, in such a way that the ritual is completed at the main entrance of the house.

As the santero carries out the Reguío, he must be begging the Seven African Powers in favor of obtaining health, well-being, harmony, peace and spiritual and material development.

It should be noted that this work must be executed immediately once all the elements required for the preparation of the ceremonial liquid have been integrated, because if the flower petals or the basil wither, the ritual will become ineffective.

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