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Powerful invocation and ritual to the Full Moon for Luck and other goods

Full moon ritual for abundance

Full moon Throughout the ages it has been mixed with various superstitions and beliefs.

Which have linked it indistinctly to religious sects of all kinds, but despite so many differences, believers always look for a greater good in the light of the star, which is related to:

  • Needs,
  • wishes and
  • even promises of all kinds.

In ancient times it was believed that when a wedding night was consummated on a full moon, the woman would remain in a ribbon and be fertile in motherhood.

Others claim that this moon phase gave way to the incarnation of werewolves, evil characters who created terror in the villages.

For Native Americans, the full moon occupied a special place on their religious altar, as they prayed for family and abundance.

Infallible ritual to attract abundance in the full moon "Full moon"

Nowadays the devotees of astrology have spread a very powerful ritual to attract good fortune and other goods of inestimable value.

Subject that occupies us in this article, this rite begins when the sun goes down and the full moon reigns over the sky.

  1. It is therefore necessary to go out to a vacant place where nothing blocks the lunar rays that must flood the person, so that this is impregnated with positive energy and the objective pursued can be achieved.
  2. In the middle of the full moon it is necessary to begin to do a mental review of everything that you want to obtain in the short and medium term and begin to visualize yourself achieving it.
  3. Wishes that will be put on paper and later pronounced while accompanyingañan the words with a lighted white candle, which should be held in the left hand, in order to create a direct connection with the heart.

Do not forget to end the ritual in this way

Then the paper will be burned under the flame that is sustained and looking at the moon the wishes fulfilled will be visualized again.

To end the ritual, the following evocation will be pronounced:

Most pure and sacred Conception by the moon that illuminates your feet, I accept your gift of abundance this month.

Unite my family and allow me a job, so that I can provide for my children and pay for my expenses.

Give me the patience that sometimes I need, to leave others and think about me a little.

Give me luck, sacred star to live without haste and put your fears aside.

I thank you full moon for your intercession from now on I will adore you with devotion.

  • Meaning of Full Moon: Moon phase in which the entire disk is illuminated and is said to be in the full moon phase.

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