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Ritual of Santa Bárbara with the protection of the 14 Auxiliary Saints

Ritual of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara frees us from all battles with her most holy sword, for that reason she is venerated and respected by all. Whoever believes in her can make any request that she will grant with love.

By imploring him in storms, he drives away the lightning and thunder, as for love, it resolves conflicts by attracting what you ask of it, but if you need open roads, it will also open them for you, conquering with its holy sword all the visible or invisible enemies that hinder you in your path.

Many storms happen on our roads and sometimes the weather gets cloudy even though the sun is in all its splendor, but everything has a solution, stick to Santa Bárbara Bendita and he will take care of your situation, but come forward with faith, with will and much love .

Ingredients for the work on behalf of Santa Bárbara Bendita:

Ritual of Santa Barbara with plants
Sword flower and “cow tongue” plant
  • Cow's or mother-in-law's tongue (Sansevieria)
  • Flower Sword of Shango
  • Graphite pencil
  • 1 vase
  • 1 cup
  • Red
  • 2 red ribbons
  • 1 red or white candle

How to prepare this work to open paths in life?

  1. You take a leaf of yellow dock and the flower of the sword of Shango and with graphite pencil you will write on both floors: «Against all enemies».
  2. You pour water into the vase and put both inside. Do not put so much water so that they do not spoil quickly.
  3. You take the glass and pour wine into it.
  4. With the red ribbons, you tie one to the dock's tongue blade and the other to the Flower of the Sword of Shango.

You light your candle in front of the image of Blessed Saint Barbara, ask for your blessing and pray this prayer to the 14 Holy Helpers to ward off enemies, bad luck, ruin and envy, that the roads open before you and that all evil disappears.

Prayer to the 14 auxiliary saints:

Altar on the eve of Santa Barbara

Humble and merciful Auxiliary Saints
counselors and ministers of this world
under the supreme authority of the Eternal Father,
God the Son and God the Holy Spirit,
send us a reflection of heavenly light
How did you send your grace?
to that perverse repentant
who gave bread to the poor made coal,
like Cipriano and Justina
for their wickedness and sorcery,
like the Magdalena for her freedom,
as to Saint Dionisio for commiserating
of Our Lord on the Cross,
like Veronica for drying her face

when Our Lord Jesus Christ
he was an invalid in the Holy Cross.

I hope you clean the doors of my house
like the souls that go to heaven
and among them mine, to you, Eternal Father
we recognize and venerate you,
all visible and invisible enemy
that interferes with the way down this road,
where am I going to fulfill the mission
of every honest person,
what is bread in demand of work
and the burning of my forehead,
and I hope in you, Santa Barbara,

that all ferocity and unjust betrayal
that is plotted against me,
wait for her at the tip of your heavenly sword
and remove misery from my surroundings
may my envious enemies throw at my doors

to disturb my health and the good grace of God
Enter the San Miguel guard
and repel the enemy Luzbel (cross himself 3 times)
that always succumbs under your feet,
master bad tongues (cross yourself once)

how Santa Marta dominated the beast,
Come this way the Angel of my Guardian,
God before, health behind,
my luck wherever it comes,
this will be enough for me,
if I work I look, I will find work,
if something is lost,
to San Antonio I will entrust myself
that three creeds I will pray to him,

What I want, I will see very soon;
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Pray three creeds to the Holy Trinity and an Our Father.

To take into account in the ritual:

This work is very spiritual and special, it will be left for as long as it lasts. You will have it in a place at home where they come to visit you so that it collects the bad eyes, envy and negativity of the enemy.

If you do not want to be asked about this work then do it in a decorative way, and so you will have to give us explanations.

May tranquility and expiration come to you and may Santa Barbara and the 14 Holy Auxiliary give you many blessings today and always.

Remember: Don't curse, always bless. 

Who are the Fourteen Holy Helpers of the Catholic Church?

Fourteen Holy Helpers

All 14 helper saints they are protective and miraculous against many physical ills that attack the body.

Collectively, the fourteen saints are invoked to intercede for healing and ward off all diseases.

Each of these powerful saints possesses a special power, in times of distress and need they come to our call.

14 helper saints:

  1. Santa Barbara, martyr and protector of sudden death and storms.
  2. Saint Margarita, virgin of great faith and helper in childbirth situations.
  3. Santa Catalina, we invoke her before sudden death, she is a defender of faith and purity.
  4. San Cristobal, intercedes in the face of dangers and the bubonic plague.
  5. Saint Denis, bishop of great faith and trust, invoked martyr in the face of headaches.
  6. San Jorge, martyr of Christ and brave protector and healer of animals
  7. San Blas, benefactor of the poor who is invoked before diseases of the throat.
  8. St erasmus, protector against the most oppressed, and all kinds of intestinal disease.
  9. San Pantaleon, miraculous saint of great charity, bishop who is invoked by doctors.
  10. San Vito, martyr protector of chastity, is invoked against epilepsy.
  11. Saint Ciríaco, related to the terror of hell and the hour of death.
  12. San acacio, martyr and advocate in the death that is invoked against headaches.
  13. Saint Eustace, represents patience in the face of adversity, resolves family conflicts.
  14. S, for good confessions this saint is invoked.

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