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Let's prepare a powder at the foot of Elegguá to regain luck and I'll go

Elegguá Ritual

Elegguá is the spoiled child of the Rule of Osha or Santeria, who opens and closes the paths of our destiny.

It is the little giant Eleggua, as his devotees call him, who takes care of our home every day and is present wherever we go.

Each ritual that you perform you must keep in mind to put a lot of faith and full confidence that everything will turn out well, so you put your positive vibes to work.

This work is quite simple and without so many complications, but if you don't put love and heart into it, you will hardly find and flow in light energy and with open paths.


Malanga Leaf: Name scientist Colocasia esculenta

For this ritual at the foot of Elegguá for prosperity, abundance and development we will need:

  • 1 large wicker basket or clay container
  • Taro leaves (Colocasia esculenta)
  • Transparent glass
  • Brown sugar
  • 1 candle
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • Toasted corn

How do we prepare this ritual in the name of Elegguá?

  1. First you take a basket or clay container and fill it with taro leaves, making a mattress or base with them.
  2. On top of the leaves you put Elegguá and next to him a glass with water and brown sugar inside.
  3. You light the candle at the foot of the basket where Elegguá is and you ask for his blessing, you give him knowledge of who you are and speak with him with great faith about what you want.
  4. Every day you light the candle for a while until it is completely finished.
  5. Elegguá will remain on top of that mattress of taro leaves until they are very dry.

Let's use this powder to bring luck into our lives:

When the leaves are dry, you make them powder and add smoked fish, smoked jutía and toasted corn.

What will we do with this powder?

  • You can make a small bag, put the powder and take it with you as a charm to protect you and the iré (luck) flows in your life.
  • Use the powder to blow it in your business, or other spaces that you need to purify and clean.
  • You can also take a little when you leave the house so that all the paths open.

This powder remembers it matured at the foot of Eleggua, that is why it is very valuable.

The sugar water can be thrown at the door or on the way to your house in the name of Elegguá.

May the blessing of Elegguá reach you by doing this ritual, and do not forget to always ask for good things, good health and thousands of blessings for everyone.

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