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Ritual with Eleguá How to advance in the economy and business?

Elegua Ritual

Elegguá is the first of the Group of Warriors along with Oggun, Oshosi and Osun, and is the first protection of a person in our Yoruba religion.

Elegguá is the deity who will always be willing to save you, he will be your guide and the sight that traces your path, his power resides behind the door of our homes, where he marks the border between two worlds: the internal one that represents the peace of the home and the external one that represents the danger.

In what situations can this offering for Eleguá help us?

Remember, regardless of the problems you are going through, Eleguá will help you, trust and ask with faith.

We will do this work to gain evolution and open paths in our economy, whatever our situation, for example:

  • We need a new job or a job to get ahead.
  • Get out of debt and have enough money not to worry.
  • Prosper in our business, have more sales and customers.
  • Progress in your job, earn a promotion or a higher salary.
  • Generate other sources of income to achieve our goals.
  • Have financial stability and achieve a better quality of life.

Even if you haven't received Elegguá You can make this offering, but you must put a lot of faith and trust in this Orisha who is small, but giant in power and wisdom.

  • This ritual with Eleguá You must do it behind the front door of your home and if you cannot, you can place it in a corner of the house, avoiding bathrooms or bedrooms, out of respect, as they are places where we usually have privacy.


  • Cornmeal
  • 2 white plates
  • Corojo butter
  • Paste or sweet guava bar
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • Toasted corn
  • 1 white or red candle
  • 3 cents or current coins of your country
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco

Work at the foot of Elegguá to evolve in the economic aspect

  1. First pour cornmeal in a white plate and a little water to make a dough, the amount will depend on the size you want to make the offering.
  2. Pour abundant corojo butter on top to make the dough firm.
  3. It will also add smoked jutia, smoked fish and roasted corn.
  4. With our hands we will make 3 balls of flour, I recommend that they be large so that they can be easily filled later.
  5. Once the balls are made, carefully put a little guava paste inside them, that is, you must fill them.
  6. On the clean white plate you place three cents or current coins of the country where you live in a triangular shape.
  7. On top of each coin you will put a ball of flour filled with guava paste.
  8. Place the plate in front of the orisha and light the candle at the foot of Elegguá and ask for his blessing, you must blow brandy and tobacco smoke at his representation and at the offering.

Prayer dedicated to the orisha Eleguá to invoke him in this ritual

With great faith and out loud you can say:

Elegguá here is your child (say your name) asking for your blessing offering you this Addimú (mention the ingredients used in the offering).
You who open and close paths, I need you to open mine to well-being, abundance, luck and close them to vicissitudes and obstacles (make your request).
Maferefun Elegguá every day!

Duration and place to bring the offering to Eleguá:

You must leave this addimú (offering) for three days in front of Elegua, each day you must light the candle for a while and talk with the orisha.

On the third day you must go to the mountain or a place with a lot of nature and at the entrance of this place leave this addimú. If you wish, you can carry it wrapped in brown paper (cartridge paper).

Faith in Elegguá is to wait and trust that only the best will finally come into your life.

I sincerely hope that by doing this ritual with Eleguá thousands of blessings come into your life, accompanyingañaYou give a lot of health and abundance.

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