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Spiritual ritual to Santa Clara to clear the mind in various situations

ritual to Santa Clara to clear the mind

This spiritual ritual is to clear the mind and illuminate our path and will be done in the name of Santa Clara Clarifier. It is important to clarify our thoughts, when we think clearly we pay more attention and we know what we want in our life.

Whether you do this work for:

  • be safe while making a decision,
  • take an educational test,
  • if you have to do something important in your work,
  • you feel disturbed and your mind wandering,
  • you must carry out any medical intervention, ask them to give clarity to the doctors so that everything goes smoothly

Whatever your case, you should give thanks to Saint Clare for assisting you in that situation of your life, for accompanyingañarte and guide you while you did.

But in general if you feel indecisive, with insecurities and you want your path and understanding to be clarified, I advise you to do this work, but always remember to be grateful and do it while you are in a moment of calm.

Work to Santa Clara to clear the mind:


  • 1 transparent white cup
  • 1 white plate
  • 1 egg
  • Cascarilla
  • 1 white candle
  • 1 Image of Santa Clara (it is optional) if it does not have it, it is invoked.

How do I do it?

  1. Take the glass and you will pour tap water into it.
  2. Break the egg and pour only the white into the glass of water, discard the yolk.
  3. Then he will take the white plate and pour cascarilla powder on top.
  4. Already having prepared on one side the glass with the egg inside and on the other the plate with cascarilla above…
  5. You will light your candle in front of your image of Santa Clara and if you don't have it, your candle will go next to that glass.
  6. Put the cup on top of that plate for 6 days, in a high place where no one can touch it.
  7. The candle will light it every day for a while and preferably at the same time.
  8. At 6 days you will take that work and pour it into your toilet or outside the home.
  9. You can do it again if you have not seen results yet, that is, if your mind or the situation for which you are doing it continues with insecurities and indecisions.
  10. I recommend to reinforce the work, every day when you light the candle do the powerful Prayer to Saint Clare, to se her click here.

If you do not have an image of Santa Clara, you must invoke it:

How to invoke the powerful Saint Clara Clarifier?

You can make it through a beautiful prayer dedicated to this Virgin, very powerful and beloved among its devotees because although it is very simple, it is effective and miraculous, it grants what is asked by finding clarity and light in your mind and spirit, do not stop doing it. To see the sentence Click here

I sincerely hope that this ritual to Santa Clara to clarify the mind and thought will help you clarify your ideas and feelings so that you achieve the tranquility and peace that you need in your life.

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