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A Ritual at the foot of Oshún ≫ To attract what you want to your life or business

Oshún Ritual

The Owner of the sweet waters is the beautiful Oshun, the Orisha that symbolizes fertility, love and everything spiritual. It is highly respected and invoked by all those who desire love, fertility, success and prosperity in life.

To make a Special Order to Oshún is this Work

Plants have mysterious properties and more so if mother Oshún intervenes in them.

In this work the stick "Yamao" will be used and as its name indicates, it is used to "call" people we want to return, it also calls our homes or businesses prosperity, successes, sales, health, employment and everything we ask from the heart.

We will also use the quicksilver, but be very careful not to breathe it in! It should be used in minimal doses because in great abundance the mercury it has is toxic.

When we want the works to flow quickly, quicksilver is used, it is also good to get out of problems of stagnation, debts, inappropriate relationships, that is, its presence advances the process of a ritual, whatever it may be.

Ingredients that we are going to need in this ritual:

Oshún ritual with hooks
Hooks for the ritual
  • 2 candles
  • White paper and graphite pencil
  • Yellow thread
  • Cup or glass
  • Palo Yamao (Also known as Yamagua, its scientific name is Guarea trichilliodes)
  • 5 fishing hooks
  • Honey bee
  • Quicksilver
  • Yellow Precipitate (Powerful powder that accelerates the purpose of the ritual, you can get it in religious stores)

To invoke the Orisha in this ritual you can also use the following prayer:

What is the procedure to perform this powerful Work of abundance?

  1. First you light the 2 candles and ask Oshún for your blessing. You give her knowledge of the work that you are going to do at the bottom of it and you always ask if with that you will solve it and she will help you to know it.

In case of not having Oshún crowned you can do it, but everything will depend on the faith that is put, and I am sure that if you do not do wrong she will listen to you with love.

  1. Then you take the white paper and 5 times on that paper you write your request with the pencil.
  2. You roll that paper in yellow thread that is completely covered.
  3. You put it inside the cup or glass, and on top you place the Yamao stick and the 5 hooks.
  4. You pour honey on top until it is completely covered, add yellow precipitate powder and just a little bit of quicksilver.
  5. You will have it at the foot of Oshún for 5 days, and you will light its candles for a while each day. If you have not received the Orisha, choose a clean and beautiful place to place the work.
  6. You will tell him with love and faith:

Blessed are you Oshún
Your blessing
Here is your son / daughter asking you through your intercession
my request (you say so),
With your blessed honey you sweeten it,
With the thread my purpose is well tied,
With the Yamao to call,
With the hooks to lure, and
With the yellow precipitate to precipitate its entrance into my life.
May it always be your will
Blessed are you mother always 

After 5 days you can take this ritual to the river, where Oshún lives.

If you don't have a river nearby, I recommend that you perform another ritual. Many times when we change some things in the works such as ingredients or destination places they do not have the same effect, therefore, I always recommend doing another.

Blessings and may Mother Oshún bring you much health and fortune in your life.

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