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How to bring customers to the business? At the foot of Obatalá 4 ritual baths

Ritual to attract customers in my business

The creator of human beings and father of all on earth It is Obbatalá.

Deity of immense power in the Yoruba Pantheon that governs our heads and thoughts, characterizes what is white, pure and neat, fills us with peace, intelligence and calm.

Obbatalá is the owner of white metals, particularly silver, and since we were born from his energy, to his power we owe respect, humility and love.

Babá, as his devotees call him from the heart in the Yoruba religion, embraces and loves all his children with great patience and dedication, you just have to trust him.

How will this Prosperity and Luck Ritual help us?

This addimú (offering) is for Obbatalá to help you to bring abundance, luck and development to your business, consequently causing more customers to flow and a balanced economic growth.

However, You can also do this ritual at home. so that good things flow, obstacles go away and prosperity enters through the door opening good paths, because many times we take the bad energy of our home to the business or vice versa, creating a negative cycle of dense and dark vibes, if you can, Ideally, you should do it both at home and at work.

Specific situations in which you can help us Obatala in this case

Although the power of this orisha is immense and can help you in everything you need, we put some specific cases, for example it can intercede for:

  • Vender more in my business
  • Increase sales in my business
  • Attract and call people and customers to my business
  • May I do well in my business multiplying the money
  • Generate abundance and evolution in general.

Bath ritual to attract customers to a business in the name of Obatalá


  • 1 container, bucket or basin
  • Serenaded water (below we explain how to prepare it)
  • Cotton leaves (Gossypium barbadense I).
  • Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
  • Star anise
  • White flower (can be daisies or roses)
  • Prodigious or Always Alive (Brickellia cavanillesii)
  • 2 white candles (this color helps us attract customers to my business)

What properties and significance do plants have in this ritual?

You need to know that each plant that we use in the ritual has specific and powerful properties, it is for this reason that when they ask me if they can be substituted, I share that each of them has an important mission and objective that is essential to obtain good results.

  • we use lthe leaves of the cotton plant (Orú in lucumí) because it is a depurative plant, ewe or sacred herb of Obatalá which cleanses the aura thus removing the osogbos (bad).
  • the basil plant It is used to attract fortune and money.
  • Star anise It is widely used in our kitchen, but it also serves to deflect negative energies and influences.
  • The prodigious or always alive (ewé dundún in lucumí) is an excellent protection and purification plant, widely used in the Rule of Osha-Ifá in any consecration ceremony. 
  • White flowers They represent harmony, peace and balance.

How do you do it? Step by Step to prepare this ritual

  1. First take a container with water and place it to calm from the night before. if you don't know We explain how to prepare serene water "click here"

Tips to keep in mind in this Spiritual Cleanse:

As there are 4 baths for four days in a row, we need a large amount of ritual water, so the container should not be small. then you have two preparation options, as you wish and is more comfortable for you:

  • You can prepare the water once and divide it into 4 portions for 4 days or,
  • each day you can prepare the ritual water for each daily bath.

When you calm the water, it is important that the next day you remove the container before the sun rises.

  1. Before noon, add the cotton leaves, the basil leaves, the star anise, the white flower petals and the evergreen leaves to the water.
  2. You light the two candles, ask the orisha for your blessing and place the container in front of the tureen or image of Obatalá, if you don't have it, put it in a clean and tidy space.
  3. Then you must start with your hands to rip or undo the ingredients/plants that are for the bathroom, do it as if you were washing, so that all the essence of the plants remains in the water.
  4. While you do this you begin to make your request charged with positivity and a lot of faith.

Pray for Obatala's intercession and ask him to help you prosper and increase your sales so that your business grows and becomes stronger. Tell him that you will take a bath for 4 days in a row every day to eliminate the negative and prosperity come to you. It is also important that you state the ingredients you are using, as they are all powerful.

To invoke the power of the father orisha, you can make one of these prayers in the name of Obatala.

How do we give ourselves these spiritual baths? Tips

  • Once the prayer is finished, you leave the candles lit for a while and after taking your bath with ordinary water, you pour a portion of the prepared water from the shoulders down, respecting the head, because our ori (head) is very delicate and if we do not know what hurts us is better not to touch it.
  • Let this water dry on your body, feel how the power of these waters impregnates you with good energies.
  • Then I recommend you wear white clothes or very light tones. If you can go to your business dressed in white much better, if not at least wear white underwear.
  • You can also take this bath before going to bed and sleep dressed in white.
  • You leave the bathroom (pick up the remains of plants and throw them away) and blow out the candles with your fingers, never blowing.
  • The next three days will be the same for the rest of the ritual.

Clean your business and your home with these waters

As you do this preparation for the baths, you can do it to wash the front door of your business or home and also the floor.

I recommend that you first take the baths so that you eliminate negativities from your body and then with a little extra water you cleanse those spaces.

The truth is that many people ask What ritual can I do to make my business work?, and although this ritual it is not a spell or amulet to attract customers to your store or business, yes it is a powerful clean energy transformer.

Keep in mind that what we are going to do is very powerful and will purge all traces of negative vibes from our body, because if we are loaded on a bodily level, it will be difficult for us to open good paths with other rituals.

Blessings for you.

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