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Ritual for love with the Gypsy Commission

Ritual for love with the Gypsy Commission

So that a love returns, so that it does not leave, so that it takes hold and becomes stronger is this ritual and who better to unite loves than the gypsies. It is very simple and if you keep the faith and put all your love I know that it will be effective.

There are many who go through this type of love situation, but beyond any ritual remember that you must do your part, analyze the situation and take into account that sometimes it is better to let go of love when it is not worth it, do not allow let the feeling cloud his reason.

Remember to do this work in a comfortable and quiet place, where no one interrupts you, that is clean and organized, so the energies will flow better. Also, you must do it before 12 am.

This ritual is not to harm another person, it is to attract love, añadir attraction and strengthen it.

Ritual to attract and strengthen love:

Homemade spells and sweeteners must be done correctly, putting all your faith and love in them. Before starting, you must have all the elements prepared on the table where you will do the ritual, so that there are no interruptions.


  • White paper
  • Graphite pencil
  • 1 coconut
  • 1 transparent white cup
  • A red or white candle
  • 5 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey bee
  • Piece of red cloth that you like or a handkerchief

How to prepare it?

  1. On the white paper you will put with a pencil the name and surname 5 times of that person you want to attract and on top of their name you will put your name and surname 5 times the same.
  2. You take the coconut and wash it, cut it in half, remember that the coconut must be treated well, you cannot throw it on the ground to break it.
  3. You wash the coconut again, that is, its 2 halves.
  4. On top of the glass, place one of the coconut halves with the white side up.
  5. You will light the candle, cross yourself with the paper previously written with the names and surnames and say:

«With the permission of my Guardian Angel and the blessing of the Gypsy Commission I do this ritual so that (the person's name)'s love for me can flourish»

  1. Inside the coconut that is located in the glass, you will put that paper in such a way that the names are facing up.
  2. Now you will pour the 5 tablespoons of brown sugar on the paper and say:

«Just as I place this sugar on your name and mine, may the Gypsy Commission attract the abundance of love from (your name) to my side»

  1. Then you will add the cinnamon sprinkling and you will say:

«Just as I place this cinnamon on your name and mine, may the Gypsy Commission attract that love of (your name) into my life»

  1. You will add the other ingredient that is honey and you will pour it clockwise in 5 turns and you will say:

«Just as I place this honey on his name and mine, may the Gypsy Commission help me gently to strengthen and unite our love (say your name and that person's name)»

  1. You will take the other half of the coconut and join both parts.
  2. Finally, you put the coconut in the center of the red fabric very carefully and at the four ends you tie it with 5 strong knots and you will say:

«Just as I tie these ends, my love is channeled with power and energy with (your name)» With the blessing and assistance of the Gypsy Commission!

  1. You extinguish the candle at the end and you will put it lying down, it cannot remain standing.
  2. This ritual will be for 5 days and you will do it before 12 am, each day you will light the candle for a while.
  3. On the fifth day you will take the coconut and bury it on the bank of a river or at the foot of a very leafy tree.

This work must be done taking into account the details so that it is beautiful, because with the Gypsy Commission you must work beautifully.

If you want, you can add a touch of yours, something that inspires you, a rose incense, a flower, your perfume or that of that person, be guided by your intuition.

I hope that with this ritual for love with the Gypsy Commission your love will advance, consolidate and flourish.

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