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Ritual for evil tongues with Eleguá

ritual with Eleguá

There are always people who talk about each other all day and never tire of watching and keeping an eye on you, unfortunately we are surrounded by them in every place we live, but for this we have the little one Elegua that saves us from bad tongues.

Those bad tongues that speak what is and what is not, are controlled by a plant that is called in Cuba "cow tongue", also known as "mother-in-law's tongue", and its scientific name is Sansevieria.

In addition to having many mystical mysteries, it is considered a very strong plant, it is capable of standing with minimal care, it is always alert with its haughty leaves.

Spiritual benefits of yellow dock:

It is a purifying plant with great spiritual value, it attracts the good vibes, it gathers the bad, it is considered a carrier of positive energies and a protector of spaces, be it our home or where this powerful plant is present.

Besides being ornamental and medicinal, it is a caretaker against the evil eye and bad tongues.

This plant is very good to have at home because it scares evil spirits, brings happiness to the home, renews the air and purifies the environment, it also sucks negative energies such as malice and is a natural repellent of bad languages.

Ingredients you need:

  • Yellow dock leaf
  • Corojo butter
  • 1 candle

Remember that this ritual with Eleguá is a positive work, it is not to do harm, but to calm the evil tongues that surround us, hindering our paths.  

How do I do the ritual with Eleguá?

First you must wash the leaf of the yellow dock plant and from the tip inwards you must write the name of the person you want to silence, then you must spread that leaf with corojo butter and you will fold it, while saying:

"As I bend this tongue, I want (you mention his name) to bite his tongue every time he talks about me"

You place that sheet under Eleguá and with its lit candle you say:

“Eleguá here is your daughter / or (you say your name) putting this language of (you say the name of that person) so that you free me from their bad language. I thank you and ask for your blessing "


In case you do not have Eleguá, you will put that sheet under something that weighs.

I sincerely hope that with this work and the help of our Orisha Eleguá you will eliminate from your life everything that does not serve and overshadows you.

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