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Ritual for Oshún How to entertain her and ask her to intercede for everyone?

Ritual for Oshun

The beautiful Oshun is the queen of the Yoruba Pantheon, lady and owner of the rivers and fresh waters, who dominates feelings and loves, exuberant but warrior and justice at the same time.

This work is dedicated to her to offer her through an Addimú (offering) our faith and gratitude, and ask her to help us, as long as we deserve it.

It is not only asking the Orishas, ​​it is offering them with Faith and from the heart, so they will listen to us through our prayers and prayers.

We dedicate this beautiful ritual for Oshún to take care of us from all evil and to help us all with her ashe in difficult and distressing moments when the roads are closed.

It is a very simple work, offering the Queen one of her favorite fruits, which is the orange.


  • 5 healthy and beautiful oranges
  • 1 dish
  • 2 candles 
  • Honey 
  • grated coconut 
  • 1 cup 
  • Beer
  • 5 cents (5 coins)

How to prepare step by step this work with Oshun?

  1. First wash the oranges well, dry them and put them on a plate.
  2. You go to the foot of Oshun or in front of her representation and light the candles, ask the golden queen for her blessing and give her an account of what you offer her with gratitude.
  3. In front of her put the plate with the oranges and pour honey on top of them.
  4. And while you talk to the Orisha and ask her, you also taste the honey.
  5. After you have poured honey over the fruits then you cover them with grated coconut.
  6. Finally, place a glass cup and pour beer into it in the name of Oshun, and thus you have the offering ready.

Recommendation: Prepare the most beautiful work you can, put dedication and be detailed, remember that Oshún likes beautiful offerings because she is very flirtatious.

Final steps and tips to complete the ritual:

This work will be for five days in front of Oshún, this time is opportune to thank her every day, talk with her from the heart and sincerely so that she can help us.

  • For this beautiful ritual with Oshún to be effective, I recommend lighting the candle for a while every day.
  • On the fifth day he must go to a clean river and offer him his oranges there with his five-cent fee.
  • You can throw the beer in the wash, also asking that when you pour it, all the bad things that haunt us at this moment in our lives go away.

May Oshun's blessing always reach you, but may it bring us much peace, love and above all physical and spiritual health.

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