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Ritual with Shango ≫ 3 cleansing baths to strengthen our path

Shango ritual

The purifying baths They are baths for the discharge of negative energies from the body, when these dark energies disappear, new vibrations appear in our life such as strength and firmness, and then the doors are opened to everything positive, that is why they are so necessary and we must take them into account .

This specifically is on behalf of Shango, the king of the drum, from lightning and thunder, the orisha who always saves us with her strength and determination when we call upon her with faith and love. The warrior who fights for us against all evil, enemies and misfortunes.

3 Bathrooms that will give you strength and firmness

Shango ritual with 2 candles

We will do this bath with the leaves of the Alamo tree, a powerful plant that belongs to Shango.

The leaves of this tree, which under its shade provides tranquility and protection, are used in the omiero (spiritual herbal water) at the initiation ceremony of the Osha RuleThey are also fortifying and purifying.

This tree suppresses everything negative in our body, it is capable of dissolving the worst sorceries and warding off evil spirits from the home.

I always say that everything is done with faith and will, if you do not have Shango received you can also do this bath, because always listen to those who cry out with love.

These baths should be done for three days in a row.


  • Common water
  • Poplar leaves
  • Florida water or fresh cologne
  • 1 glass of red wine
  • 2 red or white candles if you have Shango, if not 1 candle

How to prepare the bath with Shango to win?

  1. Take the poplar leaves and put them in the water, with both hands you will begin to scrub the leaves, as if you were washing, thus you will get all the juice from them. When the water is green it means that it is ready and then you strain it.

If you prefer to boil the leaves for about 15 minutes and strain it later, you can also.

  1. AñaAfterwards, give a jet of Agua de Florida and a glass of red wine, you will put the container with the prepared water in front of Shangó.
  2. You light the 2 red or white candles at the foot of Shango, you ask for his blessing and you give him knowledge of the bath that you will give yourself in his name.
  3. As there will be 3 baths, you can do the previous procedure every day, otherwise, you can prepare enough water and use a third in each bath.
  4. It should not be much, since this water will be thrown into your body after showering like every day. I always recommend wearing white clothes after every bath.
  5. The candles should be lit during those 3 days at the time of showering and the last one let them burn out completely.

I hope that Shango will give you strength and protection, do not forget that the effectiveness of the ritual depends on your faith and your love for the orisha. While doing the work, ask for many good things, always good for yourself and for others, Shango is a justice, leave everything in his hands. Blessings.  

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