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Ritual at the foot of Yemayá How to prepare a powder to attract good luck?

Yemayá Ritual

As crazy as some works may seem to us, these are usually effective and if you añaWe gave a lot of faith, our wishes will always be fulfilled with a lot of iré (positive energy).

This work may be difficult for some to find the ingredients, but it is worth the effort to find the perfect elements to worship the mother of the world.

Yemayá is our universal mother and mistress of the seas in the Yoruba pantheon, a loving mother with her children, pious with all who seek and invoke her.

In the Yoruba religion, Yemayá is the African goddess who takes the most difficult obstacles out of the way with the kindness of a mother, those that make it difficult to flow with the environment.

When we are in complicated situations, that life becomes difficult and distressing for us, we can go to her and venerate her, thank her, beg her to intercede with her power on our behalf and that as a mother, she saves us.

Ingredients for the ritual with the beautiful Yemayá:

Everlasting plant
Also known as: Prodigious, Immortal, Air Flower, Air Blade, and Witch Blade.
  • 7 duck eggs (you will only use their shell)
  • 2 candles
  • 7 leaves of the evergreen or prodigious plant
  • Red precipitate (powder to speed up our order)
  • Cartridge paper or brown paper

If you want to read more about precipitated powders and what they are for, I recommend you read this article: Click here

Let's prepare a powerful powder in the name of Yemayá to bring iré and unfoldment

  1. For this ritual in the name of Yemayá you first take the shells of the 7 duck eggs and put them to dry in the sun.
  2. Also put the immortelle leaves to dry if they are not dry.
  3. When the peels are well dry, put them on a plate or in a mortar in front of Yemayá.

*Mortar It is a wooden or metal utensil widely used in the kitchen, which is shaped like a glass and is used to crush spices or other ingredients.

  1. You light the 2 candles to Yemayá, ask for his blessing and give him knowledge of the offering that you are depositing him with eggshells, and that with them you will make a powder to attract a lot of luck to your life.
  2. The shells will be in front of the orisha for 7 days, and each day you light the candles for a while.

After 7 days we continue the ritual:

On the seventh day we need to crush everything, for this you add the 7 very dry immortelle leaves to the mortar and with the candles lit you begin to crush everything until the elements are very fine, reducing to powder and you also add red precipitate.

  • In case you don't have a mortar, you can look for a tool that will help you crush and dust the elements.

You put that powder in a cartridge paper or Kraft paper, you wrap it and put it on top of the Yemayá tureen for another 7 days and you give it knowledge again of what that paper contains inside and what you want this preparation for.

What will we do with that powder after 7 days?

This powder is powerful, it contains the energy and ashé of Yemayá, and we will use it to blow it into the corners of the spaces where we need to attract iré or positive energy.

E.g.: at the door of our house to attract to our home health, love, development; or in our business or work so that everything flows and prosperity is activated.

We can also blow it in specific places, such as a bank or financial institution, since this represents economic situations and can help us attract a more balanced and prosperous economy.

Always remember have the candles lit while you do the ritual and put a lot of faith in it. May the blessing of Yemayá be with you always!

If you wish, you can make other very powerful offerings to Mother Yemayá:

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