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Rituals and spiritual benefits of Rainwater Do you know how to use it?

Rituals with rainwater

Rainwater is a very powerful natural element.

Only she can make plants grow and flourish, the heat of the day dissipate and, above all, living beings quench their thirst.

As we can see, these important functions translate into interesting esoteric properties, since these beneficial powers for all living beings make rainwater the bearer of immense spirituality.

This natural element is highly connected to Mother Earth, and symbolizes the emergence and continuity of life.

In ancient times, it was believed that the water that fell from the sky was a gift from the gods and that is why it was sacred and valuable for performing rituals.

What spiritual properties does the sacred Rain water?

Rainwater has a very special meaning due to its properties of:

  • Purification,
  • protection and
  • spiritual healing.

For this reason, many times we hear it said that, to complement any type of spiritual ritual, we must place transparent glasses or glasses with water, especially with rainwater, which is one of the purest and most powerful types of this sacred liquid.

And it is that water is an essential element due to the great energy and power that it is capable of transmitting to us, and that is why many people dedicate themselves to collecting water in bowls when it rains, to use it in powerful rituals for certain purposes.

Rainwater can be used in:

  • Cleaning of the home or business,
  • keep it in bowls or containers to generate good energy in some spaces,
  • use it in ritual baths to purify ourselves and ward off the bad vibes that accompany usaña.

4 Types of rituals in which we use rainwater to improve our lives:

1. For love, prosperity and good luck

AñaPouring rainwater into a clear glass bowl and mixing it with rose petals is always one of the best ways to attract love to your doorstep.

We place it in the home or in the space that we want and remove it when we deem it necessary, it must be kept clean and the flowers fresh and in good condition.

  • To further activate spirituality and good vibes, we can light a candle or incense.

2. A ritual to calm anxiety and bring peace

The raindrops that fall when the sun is rising and a rainbow forms, it is ideal to collect in a blue bowl and use it to:

  • Attract happiness,
  • calm anxiety and
  • to have good luck.

With those drops of water we also sprinkle our wallet, purse, shoes and the front door of the house so that joy, bonanza and luck reign around us.

3. Energetic cleaning of the home or business

Rainwater, as we explained, is a very powerful purifier. Many people use it to clean the floors of the house and thus eliminate the negative energy that accumulates.

  • You just have to collect the water and use it in a bucket to clean the house, business or the space that you want to purify and leave clean of dark influences.

4. Spiritual baths to purify the body

Likewise, we can use it in spiritual baths together with powerful herbs such as rosemary, basil, rue, among others, that will help our body to cleanse itself of any trace of bad vibes.

  1. To do this, you must place the herb you choose to use in the water and let it rest for at least an hour, so that the elements release their essence and the bath is more effective.
  2. Then you take a bath and it is advisable not to dry yourself and leave that water on your body
  3. Always visualizing our desires and adding a lot of spirituality to the ritual.

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