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3 Types of magical waters that nature gives us ► Rituals with water

Rituals with water

Water is an essential natural element for life on Earth. Hence its immense spiritual powers that bless and purify.

This sacred liquid in its different states is extremely important. To quench thirst, to develop food, to nourish nature and our body ... its benefits are infinite.

Therefore, this natural element is credited with important spiritual properties to enhance spells and rituals and purify places and people.

Three Waters that give us great Spiritual power and some rituals:

We present below, some types of magical waters that nature gives us and their beneficial spiritual properties along with some powerful rituals with water.

  • Sea water and river water spring from nature and are able to absorb and remove negative influences,
  • Serene water it is protection against all bad energy that will purify and heal us.

Seawater, to cleanse negativity

  • BañaSwimming in the sea has a cleansing effect.

We know that many of those who live near the sea say that the air they breathe is cleaner and that bañaDaily bathing in the salty waters cures numerous diseases.

Sea water or salt water from the oceans of the world is extremely powerful, since in itself, sea salt is an excellent element of purifying rituals.

Sea water has many spiritual virtues:

It is said that it is better to collect sea water at high tide than at low tide, because it is purer when it comes to land.

1. It can absorb negative vibrations. Use it to clean!

Seawater can help us clean anything of negativity. It can be used as a component of floor cleaning, or to soak an object that you want to clean.

We can also scrub the walls of the house with it to eliminate those negative vibrations that stagnate in our home.

The wooden furniture can also be cleaned with a damp sponge in sea water and thus clean unpleasant attitudes or the memories and traces of guests with bad energy.

2. Use it as an ingredient in Purifying Baths

Salt water is also an excellent ingredient for a spiritual bath.

  • If the añawe gave the bathtub or rubbed it all over our bodyIt will strengthen our positive energy and take away bad thoughts, helping us focus on the things that really matter.

you can añaAdd a few drops of seawater to perfumes and other odorous substances to strengthen their aroma and ward off bad vibes.

River water, for the Good Vibes to flow

River water is a common source of drinking water, making it highly sacred to life on Earth.

This water has the virtue of flowing continuously and thus purifies and eliminates the negative energy that accumulates in all corners.

This power can be used to cleanse the negative manifestations of a person or a space, and thus flow out of the individual and places where darkness is stagnant.  

The uses of river water are quite similar to those of sea water. We can use it for spiritual cleansings of all kinds, because this water will turn all bad vibes into positivity.

Why clean our objects with River Water?

When we clean our personal items with river water, we remove the traces of bad vibes attached to them and, in addition, we attract good luck and happiness.

We can sprinkle our wallet, shoes, combs, and personal items to activate good luck, abundance, and open roads.

Rituals with River Water to clean the house and business

If we put river water in the water with which we usually clean the floors of our home, it will convert all traces of negativity into good energies.

  • Let's remember the importance of these energetic cleansings that will activate all the good things in homes and businesses.

We can also use this water to purify old objects and gifts that can contain negative energy, we can do it in all the places where our intuition indicates us.

Añafrom powerful plants to space cleaning:

If we want river water to clean the house, we add the following herbs to increase its purifying power:

  • Basil: Provides protection against negative forces in the environment.
  • Mint: It stimulates the vision of the environment, it is excellent for a house that is for sale and that abundance flows.
  • Parsley: Calm and protect a place from all kinds of negativity.
  • Rue: Spiritual and calming. Protects from negative energy and bad spirits. With your protection the bad vibes disappear.  
  • Sage: Helps with problem solving, increases mental clarity at home providing harmony.

Serene Water, to heal the soul and body

  • The serene water or the one that was exposed to the serene of the night, it is excellent to purify and to heal ailments.

It is used to complement any type of spiritual ritual, as it is an extremely powerful water that we must place transparent glasses or glasses.

Serene water is very pure, so it is a purifying ingredient, and that is why many people dedicate themselves to collecting serene water, the one that accumulates that first serene before the sun rises.

It is at that time that the power and blessings of heaven are poured over it, so it is transmuted into what we know as Holy Water.

This type of water illuminates the vibrations, turning places into pleasant and safe spaces. You can even carry this calm water in a bottle and use it as a talisman to ward off negative influences.

Serene water is known as healing water, as it can benefit us in many aspects of life.

Drink serene water to cleanse our body

The spiritual properties of serene water can help the body heal from illness.

  1. After leaving the water exposed to the stillness of the night, we prayed with faith and drank it at dawn, asking for a quick cure for our ills.
  2. This water was blessed with the good energies of the moon and the night, so it will help our body cleanse itself of disease and illness.

How to purify the house with the power of Serene Water?

If we use the serene water collected in a bucket at night to clean the floors and objects in our home, we will be purifying our personal space to rid it of bad energies.

It is said that this water is able to drive away all negative entities and illuminate our home with peace, love, health and good wishes.

  1. We must know that, to properly clean the house with serene water, we must clean the floors from the inside out.
  2. We must also pass a sponge soaked in it to objects that could accumulate bad vibes.
  3. The ideal is to clean first as we always usually do and once the house or business is cleaned we proceed to do it again with these powerful waters.

To consider: We can light a candle, an incense or some incense to activate all the good vibes and that the cleaning provides a total balance and healing of spaces.

Learn about other ways to perform purifying cleanses:

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