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Star Anise: The lucky talisman ingredient in powerful rituals

Rituals with star anise

We always recognize it by that intense smell it gives off. For many it brings back memories of our childhood, when an infusion of star anise was the best remedy for colds, stomach aches and many other conditions.

Star anise According to popular legends, it can eliminate bad spirits from the environment and thus improve the mood. It is capable of providing energy and good vibes both to the body and to the home.

The fact is that, for centuries, star anise has been a remedy for low back pain in traditional Chinese medicine, although in the West it is used mostly to improve the taste of herbal formulas and alleviate digestive disorders.

This important plant is credited with not only various health benefits, but also intense spiritual properties as a talisman to ward off negative energies and an ingredient for love and money spells.

Medicinal powers and properties star anise

Medicinal properties of star anise
Star anise

Its virtues for human health are also counted as aperitifs, digestive, antispasmodic, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal and expectorant.

Thus, we see that the benefits provided by star anise are many and varied. Above all, the elderly know its uses, as it is a traditional and ancestral medicine.

Among the main benefits and benefits of this plant include:

  • The fruits of star anise are incorporated into herbal formulas to treat different digestion problems, such as gastrointestinal spasms, or gastroenteritis.
  • Stimulates the appetite
  • It also helps to eliminate bad breath and bad taste in the mouth.
  • Star anise powder is an anti-infective and expectorant agent in respiratory conditions, such as the common cold, mild flu states and bronchitis.
  • Star anise can promote milk production in the nursing mother, although this is still being studied, as there is no clinical evidence to support it.

However, of its excellent properties, we must bear in mind that star anise is contraindicated during pregnancy and that taking the essential oil of the plant in high doses can be toxic and cause illnesses such as seizures and delusions.

Rituals with Star anise, fortune and spirituality

Bath with star anise

It is said that if we carry a star anise as an amulet in our wallet, we will never lack money.

And it is that this plant has important spiritual properties as an amulet that attracts fortune and love. It is also indicated that it can ward off bad spirits and negative vibrations from the environment in which we find ourselves.

It is also used to repel envy and bad eyes, because if we carry a star anise on top, it will ward off any evil that is destined for us.

Star anise in Santeria is fundamentally linked to the Orisha of the Rivers and the Oshún Love, and therefore it is used to ask for love and economic prosperity in:

  • Spiritual works
  • Bathrooms
  • Treatments

Star anise attracts good luck and that is why many place it in their homes, so that the smell opens the doors and attracts fortune and happiness.

Bath with star anise: Ritual with Oshún to attract love

For this ritual bath you need a pinch of ground cinnamon, 5 tablespoons of honey, 5 anise stars and a little of the water from the Oshún tureen.

In a container mix a little water with all the ingredients, after they are well dissolved add a little of the water from the Oshún tureen so that the orisha can give you her Ashe and blessing.

Remember, the shower is from the shoulders down without wetting the head. After bathing, it is advisable not to towel dry and let the essence of that prepared water remain on your body. It is also recommended to wear white or light colored clothing when finishing the ritual.

  • If you have not received the deity Oshún, I recommend one of the following works.

Powerful rituals with star anise:

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