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2 Rituals: «Offering and Bath» with Oshún for Material Evolution

Rituals with Oshún

The beautiful and sensual Oshún, the goddess of love and the owner of money is the one who will assist us and help us obtain through this offering what we need.

Many times we find ourselves in difficult situations because money is not enough and is scarce.

We feel like abundance goes through the wide door and vanishes more and more, filling us with anguish and worries.

I am not saying that it is magic to find it because it is not lying everywhere, but it will help us to open those paths so that it reaches us.

You have faith and patience, when depositing offerings to Oshún you should make him happy and with a lot of love, with great delicacy when treating and speaking to him.

Remember that Oshún is one of the most dire orishas, ​​we never know when she is upset, so it is necessary to work with her in good spirits and good vibes.

If you do not have received Oshún you can do this work with a lot of faith and heart, in that case you will have to deposit it on the floor.

Ingredients for the rituals with the orisha Oshún:

Yellow roses and candles for Oshún
  • White plate
  • Round bread
  • Milk
  • Honey bee
  • Cinnamon
  • Yellow candle
  • Basin or deep bowl

How do we prepare this offering to the goddess Oshún step by step?

  1. First you put the round bread on the plate and open it in half, pour milk on top of the bread and then añagive honey and cinnamon powder.
  2. Then you close the bread and make a small hole in the center of it, insert the yellow candle into the hole and light it.
  3. You must deposit the plate with the work at the foot of Oshún, you ask for his blessing and you give him knowledge of what you do and what you need from it, you ask for his help, but without forgetting to thank.
  4. You will have this offering for 5 days, do not forget that each day the candle will be lit for a while. Take advantage of that time of day to talk with the goddess.

Spiritual bath in the name of Oshún for economic development:

On the fifth day, in front of Oshún, with great calm and love, you will crumble the bread in a basin or container with water.

With this water you will take a spiritual bath in the name of the goddess of love from the shoulders down, respecting the head to protect it.

When the bath is over, you should clean the shower and you should not dry your body, but let that powerful water dry on your body.

Then it is preferable to wear white or light-colored clothing.

While you take the bath visualize your request, feel like the running water cleanses you, purifies you and drives away all kinds of evil. The spirituality that you put into the work is very important.

May Iyalorde's blessing be with you! Blessings.

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