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Rituals of cleansing and purification

Santeria cleaning rituals

I feel anguish like many of you in this stage that we are going through. Discouragement arrives and invades us from time to time. With this decay, thoughts of negativity assail us and we feel uncomfortable, sad and end up depressed. We must learn to accept the situation, ask with faith and perform rituals and cleansings that help us open the roads.

Listen and open your heart to your Orishas.

Ask your Orishas with faith

If you feel anxious and difficult to deal with some situations, stop when this happens, pause, help yourself and heal yourself. Look at the sky and ask with prayers of faith and trust an outlet to your heart, speak with Olodumare, and if you do not succeed in this way, look for a paper and write down everything you keep inside, forgive yourself, free yourself from the past, from your guilt, from fear.

Your Orishas never abandon you, your words or letters will come because they accompany you.añaWherever you are and they need you to recognize yourself and continue to believe in them.

Rituals of purification and cleansing.

Santeria spiritual baths

The sacrifices in our religion are good to help us improve our lives, but our conduct as religious is even more important to achieve well-being.

We must learn to live together correctly so as not to be sanctioned by the Orishas, ​​even making sacrifices if our behavior is not appropriate, luck will be null or it will not turn out the way we expect.

Let us perform rituals of purification, cleansing and improvement with faith, love and above all with knowledge when doing them. Trust, do not hesitate to talk to them, do not lie to them because they know everything.

When the words don't come out, I say: "Babá (father) or Iyá (mother), you know what I want, thank you for offering it to me" and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My Orishas have offered me salvation and have cleansed my evils, do not let doubt take over you and trust in the decision of your Orisha.  

Spiritual works to attract good energy.

Santeria purification rituals

Sometimes the bad streak is usually the beginning of something better, that's what they say and I agree. Doors are closed todayañawindows are not opened.

You must be constantly aware of yourself, giving yourself baths of white flowers, or red roses, sometimes with perfume, others with brandy, with cascarilla and washings at home every Friday.

Make offal with herbs, tobacco smoke, puffs of brandy in every corner, sit in your spiritual vault even once a week and pray to the protective spirits.

Do not stop and even if you do not feel like doing it, have faith, put all your willpower and you will see the results. 

May the great blessing of the Orishas reach us, give us much health and well-being.

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