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18 Tips from a Santera before performing Rituals and Religious Works

Santeria rituals

I would like to offer you my humble knowledge by answering frequently asked questions from the followers when they perform the works and rituals that I recommend.

I will answer according to my knowledge and experience, because apart from being curious and always documenting myself, I insistently ask my elders, who have always been by my side apoyáteaching me and teaching me how to lead my saintly and spiritual life.

I thank them infinitely for every minute of their time, for being by my side with their shoulder ready for me, through the good and the bad. I have had such great luck in my religious life, the full support of my elders.

I insist that this is my way of doing them, we do not all have the same criteria and I do not intend to offend anyone with the way I carry out my religious activities.

Frequently asked questions when performing rituals, works and baths in Santeria

Ask the saints

1. What is the best time of day to do works?

The works are carried out at different times depending on the benefit I want to obtain, for example, if they are to attract prosperity, get a job, get rid of obstacles, open roads, it is appropriate at 12 noon, when the sun is at its highest point, at this moment is the passage of the Blessed Sacrament.

When they are rituals for detachment (cleansing and works to ward off and release negative energies, enemies, dark spirits, the evil eye) it would be appropriate at 12 at night, from one day to the next.

But when doing a work, faith is the most important thing. Many of us do not have time, nor hours in which we are alone because we live together.añatwo. Every time you put the factor of faith and love in your works, everything will turn out regardless of the schedule.

2. What does it mean to invoke and how do I do it?

To invoke is to call God as a powerful and protective being, the deities and Orishas, ​​the spirits and Egguns asking for their protection and help.

Each time you invoke it must be done from the depths of your heart with love and strength, that your words reach them with vigor and depth, concise words that emanate from our hearts with sincerity.

We invoke through prayers, songs, a thought, a request, a candle, the invocation is to converse with those beings and deities that we want to attract to connect spiritually.

3. What do you mean by "giving knowledge" to Orisha, Egguns, Guardian Angel and protective spirits?

Giving knowledge is that you make your request known to the entity that will help you with its intercession to fulfill your desire, your progress, your development.

It is letting him know who you are, what you need him for, and what you offer him out of love and gratitude. Not only is he asked for, he is also given gratitude.

For example, to give knowledge to Eleguá we can say:

choose here is your son / daughter (you say your name) thanking you for everything and I turn to you for my development, my prosperity and my health. I offer you this offering so that you open the paths for me (you mention the ingredients and elements), I trust you father. Thanks

4. What is the best time to take baths?

Santeria baths

If they are blooming baths to obtain tranquility, prosperity, and health, at night it would be much better for you to sleep well and be a restful sleep, and also for you to have revealing dreams.

If they are attraction baths, it is ideal to do it early in the morning.añana for that essence to be in your body during the day. Not only love is attracted, but also jobs, development, abundance, a road that was closed, etc.

5. Why are baths recommended from the shoulders down?

If you are consecrated, in the spiritual baths I always recommend not to pour the water from the head because the Orishas give you ewe (prohibitions) and the leri (head) can be harmed.

Nor do I recommend it to others because herbs are sacred and possess many properties, it may be that they do not settle your head, unless they are flowering baths.

I am of the opinion that some herbs do well and others flowers, but since plants are so powerful and energetic, and depending on how they are used they can act, it is preferable to be cautious.

6. What do I do with the remains of elements that remain in the shower after a bath?

After taking a spiritual bath (even without any remains) you must rinse the bathtub where you have taken the shower to eliminate everything that has come off your body, that is, negative energies and dark charges. The remains can be thrown away.

7. Is it better to put the works on the floor or on top?

Offerings Santeria

This is depending on where you have your Orishas if you are crowned in the Rule of Osha (Santeria). It also depends on whether you have a spirit vault or if you have Egguns Tile.

If you are not consecrated in the Rule of Osha you can do some works and others not, but when performing some rituals you must bear in mind that:

  • The works of obbatala They go high, where they are not seen, nor is there much light.
  • A Olokun We place the works on the floor, in a corner and that they are not exposed either.
  • The works to Oshun, Yemaya y Oyá never on the floor, I reiterate, this is if you have not received Osha and want to do these works on behalf of the Orishas.
  • those of Eleggua They will go behind the door, outside in the yard, in a corner, always depending on the structure of your home.
  • The offering of the spirits is placed in a corner of the house, in the courtyard, under the sink, out of the sight of others.

Keep in mind when you go to carry out the works that it is preferable to be alone in the house, the tranquility of the moment you choose is very important. This is to avoid interruptions and to keep the ritual going smoothly.

8. Can people see the Work that I put in the house?

There are works that are put as centerpieces or in view so that they can see them and thus collect energy and detect people who bring negative vibes to the home.

Also, this type of works when having them at home such as flowers, fruits, herbs, serve to collect the bad vibes that we have collected when going outside.

The other works I recommend not showing them, but it is in my opinion. In this way I avoid the bad eyes and questions of curious people and people who do not know the religion.

9. When should I use the keel and for what?

Keel of santeria

This is a practice in almost all religions since time immemorial.
The keel or white scarf is used to protect the head, the head is the one who carries the body and therefore it must be protected at certain times depending on the person.

The Olorishas and spiritualists also tend to use it a lot in ceremonies, in consultations, or always, this already depends on the person.

It is highly recommended to use it when we perform cleansings, rituals and works, especially when there are health problems.

10. What does it mean to “give the right” to the Saints?

The right to the Saints

It is a form of payment to the Orisha for the work, ceremony or whatever we do on their behalf, in most works we use pennies and leave them in the same place where the offering is taken.

11. When a work is done and I have to clean myself with the money, how do I do it?

They don't all do it the same. In my case I clean myself with the pennies at the foot of the Orisha, saints or Egguns and then I put them in the bag that I deposited my work and I take them to the indicated place. It can also be cleaned in the place where you are going to leave the work.

To do this, take the pennies or coins in hand, and starting at the head, he begins to pass his hand throughout his body, begins at the top and slides throughout the body until he reaches the feet, then leaves the right there.

12. Why should I cross myself with money?

For money, homes and towns are destroyed and that is why he must cross himself with it before handing it over, the money is cursed.

In our religion there is a pataki (legend) where orunmila He says that Baba Obbatalá was surrounded by interested people, that is why he exchanged gold for silver and realized at the time who really estimated him.

Money has always brought treason and misfortune, as religious we must respect it.

13. What do I do with the money that is offered so as not to throw it away?

Many times the works mark taking the money with the work to the indicated place, but you can also take that money and use it to buy offerings such as candles, flowers, fruits or other items offered to the Egguns, Orishas or other entities to whom you have dedicated the ritual.

You can also use them to make purchases of items that you need as a basic necessity.

14. Do I need to light the candle every day while I have a play?

Candles for the saints

This depends on what the dead man marks, the Orisha, and your intuition that will tell you what you should do. If you are going to consult you, Orunmila marks it as well and will tell you how to proceed in the ritual.

But let's bear in mind that if we do a work, dedicating light, time and gratitude to it every day is part of the ritual, a moment of peace and well-being to talk with the entity and offer gratitude.

15. How many candles should I put in the works?

Usually in the works the consecrated persons in the Osha place 2 candles and when they have not made a Saint, 1 candle is placed.

But, I have known people who have crowned Oyá and throughout their lives they have lit 9 candles and they are doing well, everything is relative.

For example:

  • The Orishas are put 2 candles
  • When we serve the Warriors one is almost always used, others dedicate 2 candles to it.
  • A Catholic Saints can be one or two, it depends on the person.

Sometimes we solve only with the light of the candle, because that light serves as a spiritual guide and we offer it so that they guide us in life and we do not lack that light so necessary for the fulfillment of our destiny.

16. If the work goes to a river or a place where I cannot go, what do I do?

Santeria recipes

There are works that, in order to give good results, must be taken to the indicated place, that is, to the place where habitan the Orishas.

But since many times we do not have a way to get to these places, you must look for options. Everything that is done with faith and love works.

If an example, Yemayá tells you that her work goes to the trash after it is finished, it is because she knows that you are doing everything possible and sees your will and desire.

When consulting my elders, they always taught me that you should start asking about the most accessible places such as the garbage, the corner, the mountain, and so on.

But if you cannot consult yourself and you do the work on the advice of someone or intuition, it is best to choose a ritual that suits your options, because a work or offering that you must leave at sea may not give the same results if you wear it. to another place.

17. What do I do if the ritual I performed did not work for me?

For example, if an ebbo misi (bath) does not suit you or you do not see the expected results, you can repeat it or try another, because not all of them tend to do good to all people.

When you consult yourself before performing the rituals, it is different, because the works you need will be marked by Orunmila, the Orishas and the Egguns.

Many times we take a bath of sweet herbs when we really need one of bitter herbs to eliminate accumulated negative energies, so it is good to try what best suits us.

We bear in mind that many baths and works are done by intuition, our Guardian Angel and protective spirits do not put them and recommend them.

If you ask ... Do all the works apply to me? Well no, we are all unique, special beings and we have our own energy that characterizes us. So what worked for you may not work for me.

18. If I don't have any ingredient for a work, do I substitute or omit it?

In this regard, I will say that there are works and bathrooms that can replace elements with very similar ones, but in others it should not be done.

I do not advise doing it because the result will not be the same, first you should consult with the Orisha about the problem or need that arises.

If it cannot be consulted, as I said before, it is best to choose another work that you can do according to your possibilities.

Here I leave my humble answers, I hope they are helpful and do not forget that the main ingredient in each work is faith.

Do you have any other questions? Leave us your comment below. Blessings.


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