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3 Rituals in Ojuani Eyiogbe: Multiply health, ire and peace

Ojuani Eyiogbe Rituals

In Ojuani Eyiogbe Elegguá wished that all the people indulge his wishes and went out of his way capriciously.

This odun says that you are a strong person of character and that you want those around you to always do your will.

Because of an argument, you may lose a close person. Avoid arguments because this will slow you down.

Two warnings for the religious in this odun

1. Diseases are suffered in Ojuani Eyiogbe

Be careful who you extend your hand to because you will fall behind in helping the ungrateful.

Diseases are suffered in this odun of the osteomyoarticular system (bones, tendons, muscles and joints) such as:

  • Rheumatism,
  • arthritis,
  • hyperuricemia and
  • other ailments that, if not treated in time, could leave the human being crippled.

2. Ifá says that you made a commitment that you want to dissolve

Ojuani Eyiogbe states that the religious contracted a commitment that he wants to dissolve and does not know how to do it and that if he does not act wisely he will end up losing everything he owns.

Three rituals to attract peace, luck and health in Ojuani Eyiogbe

1. Remedy to remove conflicts and bring peace

So that there is peace in your home, arguments and disturbances are removed:

  • All the batteries or taps in your house must be opened at twelve o'clock at night so that in his ilé (house) the water runs and the blood does not run.

2. Work at the foot of Elegguá to get iré and keep Ikú away

For the religious to obtain the iré (luck) what do you need:

To ward off death (Ikú) and diseases:

  • A red and black hat is offered to him.

Elegguá is an Orisha stronghold in the life of Ojuani Eyiogbe Therefore, obedience and respect are owed to him, always count on this saint before making transcendental decisions so that one of his 21 paths is open and he emerges victorious.

3. Offering to San Lázaro in Ojuani Eyiogbe to obtain health

In Ojuani Eyiogbe the religious offers to Saint Lazarus Blessed for health:

  1. A grilled fish with corojo butter, roasted corn and jutia,
  2. accompanying dishañará of a jícara of dry wine and two white or purple candles.
  3. Performing after the offering the rogation where Babalú Ayé is asked for health.

We recommend you this prayer to Babalú Ayé for health and pain relief (click here)

Azojano is one of the deities that will always come to the aid of Ojuani Eyiogbe, because he loves him so much that you don't want to get in your way.

I accompanied the religious governed under this odunaña a missionary from San Lázaro.

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