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2 Rituals of Oyekun Tura to win wars and fight difficulties

Oyekun Tura Rituals

You cannot tell your secrets to the world, because with your own weapon the world will defeat you.

Help your neighbor as far as you can and do not deny anyone salvation, but without exceeding your powers.

Orunmila says that what is written cannot be erased:

Do not worry about the past or the mistakes made, what really counts is the present and how you will act so as not to continue tripping over the same letter.

Oyekun Tura: the disease will come to the person by the hand of God

In the odun Oyekun Tura the disease will reach the person by the hand of God and not the product of any curse.

  • It suffers from the gastrointestinal system, so the religious cannot eat poorly preserved food in order to avoid slow digestion.
  • Foods with excess fat and very copious late at night should be avoided.

Two powerful rituals for overcoming obstacles

1. Work at the foot of Oggun in Oyekun Otura to win and find peace

Oggun is one of the protective Orishas in this odun, the deity owner of the iron accompanied himaña and watches over you and your family in order to remove from your path everything that can harm you.añarlo.

Fresh fruits are offered to this saint, mainly coconut and melon.

When does this odun come out the person is told:

  • Strengthen your Oggun with more tools,
  • blow brandy and tobacco smoke and
  • put a bouquet of white flowers and basil.

to find peace in times of adversity:

  1. A cup with water, cologne and a little cascarilla,
  2. there it is left for three days,
  3. then this water is removed by throwing it into a pipe.

2. Work to win the wars in Oyekun Tura with 2 red flags

To win the wars, Oyekun Tura puts a red flag behind the main entrance of his house and another one is placed at the end of the ilé (home) to which he will blow aguardiente.

If you want to prosper and stop being in the peephole of gossip:

  • You must move to a house that is not very close to nearby housing.añaIt's where neighbors can't see what's going on inside your home.
  • Keep your secrets so you don't have a hot flash.

We share other rituals to win with the Orishas:

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