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Rituals to detect and ward off bad energies in our home or business

Rituals to ward off bad vibes

Many times we feel very strange sensations in our home or business.añas, perceptions that are difficult to explain but that really affect us, especially spiritually. That is why we will do these rituals to ward off bad energies.

How do I know if there are negative energies in my house?

Bad vibes cause us many anguish and headaches, some of the most common situations that develop when there are dark energies are:

  • Intuition tells you that someone is constantly watching you, even when you are alone or with the doors closed,
  • you sense that something is wrong and it gives you anxiety unexpectedly,
  • with high temperatures you feel cold and unusual chills,
  • many fights and arguments are manifested at home for any nonsense or no reason,
  • you take care of your plants carefully and they stay dry,
  • you buy flowers and put them in a vase and the next day they are already withered.

So, if you are surrounded by dark vibes, you must protect yourself and defend yourself from them, these can come from someone close to you, from an evil eye or from envy or maybe yourself, like a sponge, you picked it up on the street and brought it to home.

Remember that your intuition guides you, if something tells you that things are going wrong, trust it. Why shouldn't you ignore your intuition? Click here to learn more...

Rituals to ward off bad and dark vibes:

I suggest that you do this work that is very effective, so that you really know if your home, your business or other space is invaded by disturbing and negative energies.


  • Coarse sea salt
  • White vinegar
  • Crystal glass that you must throw away afterwards
  • White and flat plate that you will have to throw away later
  • 1 candle (optional)

How to prepare the ritual?

  1. Take the salt and pour it into the glass up to half of it, then take the vinegar and fill the other half of the glass.
  2. Now you will put the glass on top of the white plate.
  3. You will put it in a place where no one will see and touch it, keep in mind that if you have pets or small children in your house, you should put it in a high place
  4. If you want you can light a candle to your Guardian Angel asking him to always protect you from bad energies, envy and bad eyes.
  5. Let the candle burn completely and it will leave the work on for 10 days.

What do I do with the work later? Different meanings

  • If after 10 days the salt has been spilled Outside the glass or plate, it means that there are negative energies in your home or business.

So you pick up that work with your left hand and throw everything away, including the used plate and glass.

If so, you will have to repeat this work again until you see that the salt is not spilled. You can repeat them as many times as necessary.

  • When it does NOT spill It means that the energies that disturbed your life and surroundings have been removed.

I sincerely hope that your life is filled with peace, and a lot of tranquility and that these rituals to ward off bad energies are positive for your life.

I also recommend these powerful rituals to ward off and protect yourself from evils that stand in your way.

Other powerful rituals you can do to get rid of bad vibes:

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