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3 Easy and effective rituals to ward off enemies and bad energies

Rituals to ward off

Many times we are in places that we do not have someone to consult us, or we simply do not have the possibility to do so and these rituals can be done to achieve positive results and remove everything bad from our life.

These powerful works are easy because they do not take as much preparation as regards the material, however, they do in the spiritual.

I clarify this because many think that because the ritual is simple and easy it is not effective and they do it without faith, without will and with very little confidence.

You should know that a glass of water can be the most effective work at the time if you put it in faith.

These small but effective works are also dedicated to your Guardian angel, the being that protects you every moment, your guides and protectors, and if you are consecrated in the Rule of Osha to your Tutelary Orisha.

1. Offering to Eshú-Eleguá to open the roads

One of the ways to attend and thank Eshu y Eleggua, is throwing the leftovers of your food from time to time in a wrapped paper and throwing it in the trash.

If you have a patio it is better, because you can put it at the outside entrance of the house, in a corner. Over time you will be amazed by the unfolding, the prosperity and the new opportunities that appear in your life.

If you have not received Eleguá you can also make the offering, always remember with great faith in the little giant of the Osha, talk with him and you can invoke him with this prayer: CLICK HERE

2. Rituals to ward off enemies and envy

ritual with Eleguá
Yellow dock plant

If you want to get rid of the bad languages, those languages ​​that do not let you live and all the time are pending on your person and only attract delay to your life, I offer you a solution.

You will only have to look for a plant called Cow tongue (Dracaena trifasciata), and take one of its long leaves. You will also need red, green and black threads, colors that provide protection and care.

That leaf of cow's tongue is tied with green threads, then black in the middle and red at the other end.

The blade is nailed behind the front door of the house or your business, and it works as a powerful charm that drives away bad.

With faith and trust everything is achieved and with the help of this plant it will be beneficial for you because the cow tongue creates a protective curtain so that the bad does not enter where you put it.

3. Drive away negative energies with aloe vera

Drive away bad energies with aloe vera
Aloe plant

When many people enter your home or business, it is good to have protection with a sheet of Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera).

Protecting the places where we live and work is always essential and necessary, so that our spirituality flows.

You should know that all people are carriers of good and bad energies, so whoever enters our spaces can bring negative energies with them, with this ritual we will prevent those dark influences from remaining with us.

Preparing the amulet:

  1. Take the aloe leaf and wrap a red ribbon around it.
  2. Then, above the front door you place it inside.
  3. If it remains green in 7 days, it means that there is no problem and that the space where it was placed has good energy and flows in a positive way.
  4. The tape cannot be the same, once used you must throw it away.

Remember, the most important thing in each work is that when doing it you also put your heart and you will see that faith moves mountains.añas.

May the blessing of the one who administers me reach everyone and rituals to ward off all evil and spiritual works are for his good. Ashé.

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