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4 Rituals to attract Iré, love and prosperity ≫ Get to know them!

Rituals to attract love and prosperity

I will go It is one of the blessings that the Orishas offer to their children, this is a virtue that is popularly recognized under the name of good fortune and that does not always reach all human beings, due to the bad behaviors that many assume in the course of life.

This divine gift can be attracted by religious through invocations and ceremonies, but it will only reach the lives of those who really deserve it, because it is considered as a heavenly prize obtained by people who act with faith by performing benign acts and sincere and disinterested help to others.

Beautiful Rituals to attract good fortune into your life

There are many types of Iré, among which we can mention health, love, development, the iré that reaches the hands of a human being, the one that is related to a trip and the one obtained through a child, to give some examples.

1. Shiny bath with five yellow roses, honey and cinnamon for love

Yellow rose bath

Love is one of the irés most persecuted by man, when the encounter of this noble feeling is sought, a bath is made with the petals of five yellow roses, which is añaof honey and cinnamon.

Five different fragrances can be added to this rinse, it will be applied respecting the head, starting with the neck towards the rest of the body.

With the performance of this ritual love is attracted and also prosperity.

2. Rogation of Head with Chamomile.

Chamomile Head Spray

The Rogations of heads are ceremonies that the santeros perform in order to obtain different types of iré, the one that is developed with the Chamomile seeks to achieve the spiritual seat and peace in the life of the religious to whom this type of rogative.

3. Ritual cleaning at home with Meringue.

Ritual cleaning with meringue

The Merengue is an adimu belonging to the Orisha Obatala, so that the santero can perform a ritual cleaning in his home with this element, he will only require common water and the preparation of the meringue which is based on the assembly of the egg white and the subsequent addition of sugar.

This ritual is performed in order to obtain peace and harmony for the house.

4. Coconut water bath for health and strength.

Coconut water bath

Health is the greatest iré that exists on earth, an effective ceremony that is carried out with the aim of attracting this virtue is related to the execution of a ritual bath for which two simple ingredients are needed:

  • common water and
  • coconut water.

The religious must mix both waters and with these they carry out the bath, which will be applied all over the body respecting the head.

It should be noted that coconut water can be used to refresh the head, a ceremony that is carried out to promote patience, mental health and tranquility.

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