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10 Tips from a Santera to say goodbye to 2022 with rituals

Ritual to say goodbye to the old year

At the end of the year let's mentally go through everything we've been through and let's make an evaluation of our achievements and disappointments, so we try to leave behind all the negative and the damage that we may have experienced.

I think most of us want to close this cycle and start 2023 with love and abundance, and although it may have been a difficult season, We must be grateful that he has also given us many lessons.

In the Rule of Osha Ifá or Santeria, on these datesNormally to say goodbye to the year and wait for the other, we do some spiritual works, hoping to receive the new year purified and clean.

What rituals to do to say goodbye to the old year with good energy?

Rituals to say goodbye to the year

Sometimes we don't generate all the positive energy we need, and to flow better we rely on ritualsSome of us do cleanings, others ceremonies or offerings, but what is really important is to do it with faith and love, and whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve.

To start and guide your way into the coming year, Here are some tips:

1. Move the furniture around so that the energies flow

Although it seems ineffective to you, when moving the furniture, the bed, the table, that is, by changing their place, you are moving energies and those energies help you to flow much better.

This is because changes favor paradigm transformations in our mind and the possibility of opening ourselves to new opportunities.

2. Clean your home to ring in the new year

The most important thing is to start the year with everything clean and thus start it with prosperity.

For example, if you want to put on new clothes, you always want to shower before, right? Well, your home is likewise, with a clean home freed from negative vibes, the positive energies of the new year will enter without encountering obstacles.

3. Tend your spiritual vault before the end of the year

Remember to change the water in your vault, if you wish, that water when you go to change it you can put it in a container behind the door and at 12 midnight on December 31 you can throw it out.

4. Clean up with powerful elements that ward off all the bad stuff.

Flushing (throwing water) in the house or business will be very beneficial so that all the bad things go away and prosperity and fortune are activated, use different ingredients such as:

  • Coconut water,
  • cascarilla,
  • White flowers,
  • rice water,
  • freshness plant and
  • fresh colonies like violet and perfumes.

We recommend: Do a powerful cleanse with coconut water "click here"

5. Light incenses to activate the good vibes

Placing incense in the house or business is powerful, as well as burn garlic peel and camphor.

These spiritual elements are capable of remove all negative energies from spaces and our body, pass them throughout the house and especially in every corner.

6. A bath to purify the negativity in our body

After cleaning the house it is opportune to give us baths to eliminate all that is negative that could have stuck to us.

To wait for the year you can also prepare baths with fresh ingredients on the table:

  • Goat or cow's milk, immortelle plant (also known as Prodigiosa), cocoa butter and cascarilla.

Then I recommend wearing light colored or white clothes.

7. To open the roads, the 4 corners are prepared, what does it mean?

The Olorishas in the Osha Rule we usually prepare the 4 positions of our home, for this we make four packages prepared with smoked hutia, smoked fish, toasted corn, and corojo butter, and we place them at the foot of Eleggua for day 31 put them each in the 4 outer corners that surround our house.

You can also perform them in the name of the lucky orisha Eleggua, thus we receive the protection of the orishas and we clean the paths of bad influences.

8. White is a pure color that attracts good energies

For the last day of the year or when we are going to perform these rituals, I recommend wearing white and if it is not possible, as clear as possible, to attract all the positive.

Let us remember that this neat and beautiful color corresponds to our father of the world Obatala y its meaning is related to peace, the positive and pure.

9. Flowers, honey and cascarilla so that everything is positive at home

Put flowers in your kitchen, living room or hall of the house, even if they are collected from the field or garden, and sprinkle on them a little water with honey and cascarilla.

This simple ritual is very powerful to activate the good vibes and that all kinds of dark influences in the environment stay away.

10. Baths with serene water and white flowers

When the night of December 30 begins, put on overnight a container of water and inside the flowers, choose a place where the serene gives it, remember to cover it with a very fine cloth so that it does not fill with insects or garbage.

In this way ordinary water becomes serene water which at the same time is holy water. The next day, very early in the mañana, you must remove it before the sun rises.

You must shower with that water to wait for the new year. It is a very simple preparation, but very effective, which cleanses and removes all the bad things that are present in your body, mind and spirit.

These are my humble advice, maybe you knew these rituals to say goodbye to the year, maybe not, but I do want you to know that I do it with love and respect and Wishing you a new year full of health and good things in your life. Blessings.

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