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5 Attraction Rituals for the end of the year: Let 2023 begin I will go

Rituals for the end of the year

On behalf of our ancestors and the Universe are these powerful rituals that I bring to you today with much love and faith, so that help them achieve what they want from love and from the heart.

In all the countries of the world, many different rituals are usually carried out according to their cultures and religions to say goodbye to the year, especially for attract abundance, luck and health.

However, we must first remember to thank everything that 2022 gave usIt does not matter if during this period we have felt that happiness or misfortune was granted to us, because whatever happened, all this gave us a new opportunity to learn, grow and become wiser.

It is very important to understand that from all that experience, whether it is interpreted as good or bad, you learn and no matter how bad this year has gone, we must fire him, and close this cycle that ends with good energy.

Today I am including some of the rituals that I know of and that are carried out in homes and businesses to improve our spiritual and physical energy, and generate attraction towards a good economy, health, prosperity, His goal is to let go of what ends and welcome the year that is beginning.

How to give thanks for this year 2022?

Although this year has been difficult for many of us, we must remember what life put us on the path to learn and positively accept everything negative that happened as a great learning.

Thank yourself and life for opening your eyes and acting on the wisdom you have been given, do not hold grudges or resentments to this year, otherwise you will start the next one the same and this is neither healthy nor convenient.

So Release the moorings and give free rein to what you propose, to your new goals and perspectives, leave the past behind.

If this is your case, you may wonder: What could I have learned from such a bad experience? Believe me you learned something, search and look inside yourself, examine yourself and you will find it. Get the success you deserve this coming year.

And to find it you must be in total calm and inner silence, always trusting in the help of our ancestors, the Universe, and the Orishas to start a year full of positive energies, destroying all the negative traces that these days have left us and we do not want to drag with us.

Say this phrase of gratitude with conviction:

Thank you 2022! Since the year is about to end, I give you the memories of pain, and that this New Year 2023 embraces me with better moments and above all that it brings me health and love. Thank you for everything you taught me, but may the bad stay in the old year and I beg you, the good comes soon to stay on my way. New Year New Life. The past stepped on, the good saved and the bad forgotten. Thank you.

Powerful end-of-the-year rituals to ring in 2023

I share with you these 5 Attraction Rituals to start the Year 2023 on the right foot.

1. A bunch of Salvia for an energetic cleaning in the house or business

Sage for house cleaning
Salvia officinalis, commonly called Salvia

To make these cleanses with sage «broom in hand«.

  1. Sweep away bad energy, always start by doing it from inside the home or business out, start at the front door, and emphasize the corners and under the bed.

The broom must be washed before and after sweeping. Some people even sweep and that broom is already discarded to start the year with a new brush.

The sweep is intended to cast out all the existing negativity.

  1. I recommend "to cleanse energy" that after sweeping make a bunch of Salvia and shake the house, you can also boil that sage in water and with cascarilla añadida, use it to scrub or mop the floor afterwards. Do you know that you can do cascarilla at home? «Click here to read the steps»

Remember that for effective house cleaning or business, it is important to put faith, positive energy and a relaxed atmosphere that gives you peace and harmony. Play music while you clean, if you wish, place flowers, organize, throw old and broken things in the trash, everything that helps you let go.

2. Ritual baths to attract good luck in the New Year

Cleansing and flowering baths in the new year

Water is a vital element and cleaning or flushing with her (pouring water with buckets) is a very important ritual, and if you use the water of the Orisha Olokun to do it, so much better.

If you have not received the Orisha, do not worry., the water element belongs to Yemayá and Olokun in the Regla de Osha or Santeria, and this already has its energy and power, throwing water in the house cleanses the vibes of the home.

I share with you this purification of the home and powerful baths of cleansing and flowering to attract health, love, abundance, luck, money, and all the good things in life.

Spiritual baths with herbs and flowers:

  • Prepare a container with water and añade a little of the essence of your perfume, some white flower petals, mint herbs or mint and let that water rest for a bit so that it is impregnated with the essence and power of its ingredients.
  • you can take a bath before 12 at night to wait for the new year.
  • With this effective flowering bath you will be prepared to receive the new year with positive vibes.

As well With this water you can deeply clean the home or business, throw it on the floor leaving it for a while to refresh and clean, and then you finish cleaning.

3. Three lists of resolutions for the New Year and to say goodbye to the old one

Write lists for abundance
  1. First make a list with those negative things of the year that you want them not to come back and burn them at 12 midnight on the 31st, asking and looking at the sky for them to go away and be erased, blow the ashes to the wind or the garbage.
  2. You should make another list with positive things you want for the new year and you keep those in a bag of your favorite color or the color of the Orisha that protects you and inside that bag you will put rice, lentils and corn grains and you will keep it where you want.

The grains are to attract your requests with abundance and prosperity.

  1. I recommend make another list with everything you have learned this year, both the positive and the negative that you have experienced and you will read it out loud in front of your spiritual vault, if you have it, and in the name of your Orishas, ​​your Egguns, and the Universe, giving thanks for your experience and learning , because despite everything you are alive and you should be grateful.

Give thanks for what you have been given and for what they have removed from your path so that it would not come to you and you would be able to be in today.

4. Open doors and windows so that the bad can come out and the good in

Open doors and windows in new year

At 12 at night, even if it is very cold, open all the windows, and all the doors so that all the negative that remains in the old year ends up leaving and that all the good enters.

I recommend the following, standing at the door of the house and looking at the sky, you must make the gesture of expelling the bad with your arms, even through your window (if you cannot open the door), the gesture of driving away is to make the negative go away and to attract with your arms, for the positive.

Say these words with faith: Thank you for everything that has come, today I let all the negative out, and activate the energy so that, between the good, it embraces me and stays with me, thank you.

5. Ritual of the suitcase for the New Year: Take flight with the blessing of Eleggua and Yemayá

New year's suitcase ritual

Of the rituals for the end of the year, the last one that I advise is related to the purpose of traveling, and that is that in many traditions almost all we grabbed the suitcase at 12 at night on December 31 and we go around the block, although others take that much longer turn so that their trip is far.

Spiritual Tips to do this ritual:

  • if you have the orisha Elegua I also advise you to take it with you so that it opens paths for you.
  • I also recommend that you put a blue bow in your suitcase so that the goddess Yemaya let you cross those seas and inside it your passport if you have it, and above all do it visualizing that trip you want so much.
  • Place inside the suitcase what your intuition whispers to you, it can be related to any of your orishas or to the deity that you venerate the most.

Arbure with all my love and with the blessing of those who administer me and from my queen Oshún I have given you these simple tips that I hope you will accept with humility and love.

That everything that comes to you be to achieve your goals and happiness and above all a lot of health.

Remember that my advice to you will always be the same as Oshún advises me:

"Never feel alone, love, laugh, shine, dance, sing that I will be with you"

Queen Oshun

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