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Rituals in the new year to bring abundance through the Universe

rituals for abundance

There are many rituals to attract abundance and prosperity in the New Year and thus achieve many good things through the Universe, such as health, luck, work, love and peace, or whatever you want in your life.

And it is that the new year has arrived and our natural impetus is to make plans and make decisions, but before, I advise you keep a few things in mind so that our wishes are fulfilled assertively.

I ask you… Have you already considered making changes in your life that will make you feel better?

The first thing is to make a great effort and change our way of thinking, even if it costs us, we must learn to think positive, even if we see that everything is closing and we cannot find possible escapes, believe me, there is always a way out when you have faith and we connect with the origin, the universe. But... Is this possible?

Can I ask the Universe? How do we do it?

Many ask me and my answer is yes, all the energy is concentrated in the Universe, and that energy is what we need to attract through small accompanying rituals.añatwo of will

Before I recommend you keep these tips in mind to correctly ask the Universe:

  1. You should always order bigLet's not put limitations on our objectives and be specific when making the request.
  2. When we ask for "money" for example, we must say the amount, not limit ourselves to the phrase: "I want a lot of money." It doesn't matter how much we ask for, but let's always be real, what the Universe asks of us is to hear us say things clearly. It may seem crazy to you, but that's the way it is, you just have to always keep your faith.
  3. Every time we ask the Universe we must express ourselves in a positive way. We must eliminate the "NO", for example "I want to collect my money" never say "I don't want to lose my money."

Remember to always pose positive in order to favor positive energies.

  1. Once you make a request to the Universe, you must act like it already happened. What's more, the request, more than an expression of desire, must be a statement in the present and in the positive.
  2. be thankful for everything. Gratitude is something very important and necessary for the Universe to listen to us.

Taking everything for granted is blind trustLet's manifest and visualize everything we want as if the Universe had not already granted them. So the Universe will listen to those messages that they are sending with good energy and will favor you with what you ask for.

You should also know that saying thank you is a very healthy stimulant that makes us feel connected, so something very important is that we should never wait to thank, when you talk to the Universe you must say. "Thank you for helping me get the order."

Here I show you some rituals that you can do calling the powerful Universe.

2 Rituals to correctly ask the Universe for abundance and prosperity in the New Year

I share these very effective rituals to start the year strong, you can light a candle of the color you want before starting them to attract the beautiful energy that these spiritual elements give us. You can also read: The special meaning of Candles and their Colors «click here»

1. Purification ritual with salt water: Spaces and body

Purify your home or business using sea salt or coarse salt

We will use the salt in case we do not have the sea salt.

  1. To prepare the water mix for each liter of water (sea or common) a cup of salt.
  2. At home, job or business we spray that water, always starting at the back of the place and ending at the front door, take into account the corners.
  3. while you do you say what you want to attract, always out loud, if it is impossible for you, activate the visualization of what you want to achieve.

Purify the aura of your body with a spiritual bath

  • To clean your aura You take a handful of salt in the bathtub or container that you use, and in circles you will rub the salt against your skin (be careful if you are sensitive to putting products on your skin).
  • You will do the ritual starting at the top and ending at the feet, remember, while you do it you must make your request with inner strength and faith.

2. Ritual with incense for the home or business

We will clean the energy of the environment through incense or herbs. The ideal is to use plants that have the property of transforming negative energies into positive ones, and thus leaving our body and environment free of energy viruses.

By burning herbs that are considered sacred, we help clear negative energies from our body and environment, offering us peace and tranquility.

10 Incenses that you can use:

IncenseMeaning and protection
White Sage:protects us and purifies by releasing charges, the ideal place to turn it on will be at the entrances and exits of your house, such as doors and windows.
Lavender: It is ideal to get keep away negative vibes and promotes tranquility in our environment. 
Mint: Its aroma intoxicates, but purifies everything around us and turns it into positive energies.
Palo Santo:It's one of my favourites, takes all the negative and attracts the positiveIf something has hurt you or you have lost I recommend it.
Eucalyptus:Improve the environments giving it a fresh touch and loaded with very positive vibes
Cinnamon: It is a fortifying essence creating a energy environment and security in our body and environment. It is widely used in matters related to love and abundance.
Rosemary:  Fortifying element that helps us to clean the atmosphere eliminating bad energies that are blocked.
Rose: The fragrance of the rose creates an emotional environment, reduces stress, anxiety and induces love.
Vanilla: It gives off a sweet and comforting smell, widely used to relax, It's an antidepressant since it stimulates the senses of our body.
Sandalwood:It is a perfect ally to eliminate negative energies, if you want discover lies it is the ideal to use it.

Tips to perform the rituals correctly:

Correct way to do cleaning rituals at home, job or business.

  • Make sure not to be disturbed, choose a time without interruptions and create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation.
  • As you go through your space, you should repeat your affirmations with faith and calm, and visualize the reality you want to create.
  • You must not forget the corners, under the beds or furniture, behind them, because the energies in those areas are blocked.
  • Walking in circles in a spiral, ending in the center of the habitation or place that is.
  • always in one direction in favor of the hands of the clock, thus its invocation will increase.
  • When you finish It is better to rest always looking for tranquility and have a positive attitude in what awaits you soon.

Something that you should always keep in mind is that We can achieve everything with the help of the Universe, but he also sees us and will manifest himself in our favor to the same extent that we work for our goals. If you ask for a job and you don't leave home to look for a job, it won't come knocking on your door, make a commitment.

Let's never expect the Universe to help us hurt someone, whatever we ask for, good or bad, will multiply in our lives, so we must be very careful.

Blessings for you and that this year give you lots of health and love in your life, a hug.

We share other very powerful rituals that will help you:

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