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Prayer to Obatalá with 2 elements: Open paths with solvency and health

Prayer to Obatalá

Obatalá for the Yoruba He represents the creation of man, he is the owner of human intelligence and feelings, whatever you humbly ask of him, he grants it to you.

This great orisha who is represented as a wise old man who dresses in white, is really our father in the Yoruba pantheon, we owe ourselves to him, and with his advice we can get where we want to go.

With simple prayers you can open paths to health and love, a good economy, the union and peace of the family and the development in general of the hand of this great deity.

Spiritual meaning of the elements of the ritual:

This prayer is quite simple and the elements to use are:

  • Milk, which apart from being a basic element of material life, is also sacred in the spiritual, as it attracts abundance, luck, development and fertility.
  • The other item is cocoa butter, which is a sacred ingredient in the Osha-Ifá ceremonies, as it represents peace, tranquility and understanding, so important that it belongs to Baba Obatalá.

With these sacred ingredients we are going to make this prayer to Obatalá that opens paths, attracts economic solvency and health in our lives.


  • 1 glass, cup or large gourd
  • goat or cow milk
  • Cocoa butter
  • 2 candles
  • 4 or 8 cents (coins of one cent each)

Step-by-step preparation of the work on behalf of Obatalá:

Keep in mind that the container that we use in this prayer to Obatala must then be thrown away or thrown away with the rest of the work, we will not be able to keep it.

  1. To start, first in the cup, glass or large gourd that you use, pour a little milk.
  2. Then you take the cocoa butter and cut it into 8 pieces, and put them in the goat's milk (it's much better if you can get it), but if you don't have it, use cow's milk.
  3. You light the 2 white candles in front of Obatala, and put the container with milk and cocoa butter in front of Babá.
  4. You ask for his blessing and show him your offering, always telling him who you are and why you need his help and power in your life.

What should we then do with this offering?

You will have this prayer for 8 days and at the end you must take it to the foot of a hill or mountain.aña, which is where this orisha lives in nature.

Every day you can light the candles for a while, take advantage of that moment by candlelight to talk with the orisha father, beg him to help you and comment with humility and faith on your request.

With the 4 or 8 cents you clean yourself, passing them from your head to your feet and leave them next to your prayer on the mountain.aña.

When you go to leave the offering, you can do this prayer of thanks to Obatala "click here "

  • Still without having received Obatalá You can make this prayer, only you must place the offering in a dark and high place in the house, for example on top of a piece of furniture.

I hope that Obatalá's blessing always protects you and your prayer is heard, be sincere and ask for everything from your heart.

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